Multiple instances of a 16 channel plugin

I am currently running 1 instance of the 16 channel . Garritan Aria Player in GP. I would like to know if it is possible to run 2 instances of this plugin simultaneously without one interfering with the other since there are only 16 channels of midi? Right now I control the on/off nature of each of the 16 tracks by using the note blocking feature in GP.
What if I were to add 16 more midi in blocks and set it up the same way as the first time. Is that even possible or would there be interference between the two?
I am looking for a way to get 32 or more instruments to choose from rather than just the 16, without a lot of extra gates to pass through first.
Any thoughts.

Do you use more than 1 Midi Keyboard?

Sure you can use 2 or even more instances of Garritan.
It depends on you how you route your MIDI In Plugins to Garritan.
With variations you can filter Midi Messages, so for example in Variation 1 you use the 1. instance of Garritan and in Variation 2 you use the 2. instance.

But best would be to use different rackspaces.

One keyboard for this.

MIDI has nothing to do with this – in general, you can create as many instances of the same plugin as you need (subject to RAM, CPU utilization, etc). This is actually a pretty common paradigm. Many users will create multiple instances of the same plugin with each one then going through a different chain of effects, for example.

Just be aware that that Aria Player is a sampler — so, unlike a physical modeling solution like Modartt’s new OrganTeq, you’ll probably have samples being loaded multiple times so be aware of RAM

My concern was how to turn the tracks on and off. The block note on method would block everything say on channel 1 etc. Correct?

Do you remember this?

Midi input suppression

Is it possible to mute/unmute sound in Garritan?
If this is possible you can map widgets to mute/unmute sounds in garritan,

Each track has a mute button but I don’t think they respond to midi

Please not MIDI.

Can you map a widget to such a Solo Button?

Just downloaded it and unfortunately (such a shame) no HOST Automation available…

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I know

So best is:
Include 16 MIDI In plugins
In the 1. you map channel 1 to channel 1

In the 2. you map channel 1 to channel 2
and so on

With 16 Widgets you map each to a different MIDI In Plugin to block Note On

And with 16 variations you can set any combination of widgets and therefore any combination of sounds in your player

16 midi in blocks in addition to the 16 I already have for my first iteration.?

I do not understand what you mean by first interation.

There are some wonderful pipe organs for Kontakt, which does support host automation. Perhaps they’re worth considering.

The Carlos Nunez spirit lives in you these days :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My first garritan Aria plAyer setup

Actually, it’s more about Rick Wakeman doing “Close to the Edge” or Keith Emerson doing Jerusalem !

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I am going to look into Kontakt.

Is the free version worth messing with?

Depends – you should probably do a search for pipe organs for Kontakt and see if any of them will work with the free version.