Midi input suppression

When I use my Garritan plugin with Gig Performer the right hand pedal of my fcb1010 has automatically without anything on my part, tied itself to the mixer volumes of any instrument slots I have populated in the Garritan plugin. I don’t want to use the right hand fcb1010 pedal for anything related to the Garritan plugin. Is there a way to suppress the midi signals going between the right hand pedal and the Garritan plugin? (Like there is in Cantabile)
Sorry for such an off the wall topic.

In the Midi IN Plugin you can filter different Midi events
An with scripting you can react on much more different CC Messages.

Have you seen the Midi Filter block? You can place it between the Midi Input block and your plugin and use it to block specific CC’s.

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Is that a built in?

Sure is. It’s under ‘Midi Processors’ in the right-click plugin menu.

Can’t find it.

Found it.

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I blocked it in the midi in block. The first couple times I tried it, it didn’t work.

What do you want to block?
Can you create tiny rackspace showing the issue and upload it?

Sounds like your Garritan plugin does in fact respond to MIDI CC events, the older way to do things in the absence of host automation. I wonder what other CC events it understands?

Use Gig Performer’s global MIDI Monitor to see exactly what MIDI events the pedal is sending. You might be blocking the wrong event

Working ok now.
Thanks for the help!

Would be great if you could say what you did that fixed it so that others will benefit should they run into the same problem (this is why we like to do support through these forums)

As far as I can tell cc007 is all it responds to other than a keyboard.
I used the event blocking for volume in both the midi in block and the fcb1010 block.
sorry.Screen Shot 2020-09-25 at 8.02.39 PM

Hmm, this doesn’t quite make sense-- could you by any chance post a screen shot for how you connected your plugins?

It seems that you use both the FCB MIDI in block and the MIDI in Omni. This means that you use twice the FCB in you setup.

Strange but the only way I could block the cc007 from the fcb1010 was to event block at both locations. If either block was left without the volume event block, the fcb1010 would transmit the cc007.

What Midi in Blocks Are you using and how Are they connected to your vst Plugin?
Can you Upload a Screenshot?

It is above.

@fchazz that is because the Midi In “OMNI” is a combination of all your midi inputs, so includes the fcb1010 as well. Although the “OMNI” block is included by default, if you want to manage/route your midi inputs separately, don’t use it (or remove it) and instead add the midi in blocks for your specific controller (like you’ve done for the fcb1010).