Multiple instances of a 16 channel plugin

I am actually wanting a good selection of orchestra instruments.

I’ve got Kontakt installed, now to figure out how to use it in addition to my Garritan Aria player.

Tried Kontakt, not that impressed.
Back to two instances of aria player controled from one each launchpad mini mk.3.
The controls for the 2nd instance interfering with the first instance of Aria player.
I know there is a way to do this. Haven’t figured out variations yet.

“And with 16 variations you can set any combination of widgets and therefore any combination of sounds in your player.”

This is what I need to figure out.

I have made a duplicate rackspace to add 16 more instruments. How would I set up a controller button or buttons on my launchpad mini mk3 to switch between backspace 1 and backspace 2? If I could assign a different button for each rackspace would be my preference. So if I had 8 rackspaces I would have 8 buttons to pick from to choose the rackspace I want to use.

With the Editor you can define custom mappings
You can assign a PC message to each Button

Yes, I have the same two buttons programmed to change between rack one on the left button and rack two on the right hand button and that part is working great.
I can’t find the correct combination of settings to make the launchpad buttons color latch so green is on and red is off.
Also can both racks be used at the same time for layering?

Only 1 rackspace is active at the same time

Ok, that will work. Just have to figure out the right settings to have one button light cancel out the other and make the one that is in use stay lit to the on color.

This sounds like a mission for @schamass :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::innocent:

May not be possible.

Kontakt is pretty much a staple in the industry and is highly regarded. What did not impress you?

I guess it’s a matter of what you are accustomed to using.

If i am not mistaking something here, this is what is called “Radio Buttons”…
You can solve this by using GPScript.
Just search for the “magic words”, there are some threads that handle this topic.

Maybe you should upload your rackspace and share it with the community, so we can have a closer look at it, or even try some thing that could be done.

Actually, all we have right now is based on second- (or third-) hand information. :wink: :nerd_face:

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