Morph between variations?

Is there any way to morph between variations?
I want to morph between VST presets but i don’t know if this is possible with GP
Any idea?

Morphing between VST presets is a complex process.
You would need many widgets for controlling VST parameters and then in scripting use timer triggers to change the value from one variation to the value of the widget in the next variation.

So short answer is, yes it is possible but a lot of scripting.

Maybe it is worth to take a look at this product

Thanks for your fast answer!
Yes i know about Zynaptiq Morph but this is for audio manipulation
What i wonder if this is possible is to morph between any VST preset.
For example load a VST, make some variations and then morpho between them with a fader not with a switch, something like Cantabile morph feature.
I know that maybe it’s a complex procedure. but just i wonder if this is possible or if exist any script example.
In any way thanks for the reply!

I suppose one could use the one shot trigger in GPScript to morph widgets and parameters

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No? It is not possible :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes, it is possible :grinning:

There are several solutions, but without using variations.
I propose here simplified methods to understand the principle, but they can easily be improved with a few additional manipulations and especially with scripts.

Method 1: a volume widget for each synth, but invert the curve on one of the two, then group the 2;
an expression pedal mapped to any widget to vary the volume of the group.
The rest is simple and quick to implement: you duplicate the rackspace by putting preset n°2 of the first rackspace into n°1 of the second rackspace, and so on. It’s very basic, but it works.


Method 2: same principle, but use a scriptlet to automate morphing launched by a switch or footswitch at variable speed.
See the method created by @David-san: X-fader - crossfade two volume parameters

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Define “morph” — do you really want to map every single parameter of a plugin from one value to another? In theory you could certainly do this but it (a) depends on how fast or slow you want to do it and (b) you’d have to perform scaling on every parameter so that all the old values “arrive” at the new values at the same moment.

If you only want to morph a few parameters, you still have to do the same thing but it wouldn’t be that much work. You don’t need widgets either as, with GPScript, you can directly get and set parameter values in a plugin.

Thanks guys for you time. I really appreciate it!
To be clear, what I want exactly is the following:
Load a VST in GP (for example Repro-1)
Expose some parameters for controlling via MIDI (for example cutoff, resonance, etc). I believe this could be done with variations in a rackspace, but if there is any other way I am open to suggestions :grinning:
Assign some knobs to my midi controller (Komplete Kontrol S-61)
Load the first preset in Repro-1 and save it with some way (variation, or maybe snapshot?)
Then load the second preset in the same instance of repro-1
Final assign a knob from my KK S61 to a widget in GP. This widget must be work as “Morph” between the 2 prests knob
In conclusion what i want is to Morph between 2 presets but in the same instance of the plugin
Maybe this can be done via GetParameters but i’m not familiar with GpScript :disappointed_relieved:
Thanks again

For my understanding:
You load a preset for example an string sound
The second preset is for example a bass

how do you want to morph the 2 sounds?

You would need many widgets so that with the string sound loaded all parameters which make the bass sound are changed by widgets.

This widget must be work as “Morph” between the 2 prests knob

Then the plugin has to provide an option to morph between 2 sounds.
For example this is implemented in Pianoteq.

That’s right!
The concept is to load two different presets and get interesting sounds in seconds by just moving one knob
It is not necessary to map all parameters.
For example i want to map the ADSR and filter Envelopes and in this way you can easily get some interesting sound designing results in few seconds

Something like this in Cantabile
Cantabile Morph

Ok, this does not morph between 2 presets.
It changes the parameters of the current preset.

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Did you take a look at the probabilistic sound designer?

No it’s morph between 2 presets. As you can see in the new gif, it needs to load different settings (aka presets) in each slot, otherwise the morph fader does nothing
I know about the probabilistic sound designer. It’s a great feature but sadly does not have any morph feature :frowning_face:

Cantabile Morph2

Ah, I See
You load 2 presets of the same plugin.
And with the morph you change the parameters from the value set in preset1 to the value set in preset2, right?

There’s been a number of feature requests in the past for this.

The closest I got was a script. This was just done to test - morphing between 4 saved states of the widgets.


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Yes, but @loupis45 wants to morph between for example cutoff settings of 2 different presets.
Sure with widgets that is possible, but you have to manually set the widget values, so that they reflect the value of the parameter of different presets.

That’s exactly what i want!

Hey rank13 it’s very interesting! Is very close to what i’m thinking!
Where can i found this script?

Do you really only need to morph between two states? It would probably make things a lot simpler.

I realy liked your script with 4 states. And if i want i can use only the two of them right?