Midi files player

I finally found a plugin (vst x64) that serves as my midi player in GP! (Windows version).

It’s a midi editor/sequencer/looper with many functions that can also be used as a simple midi player. It works perfectly on GP, the automation is apparently complete, it is synchronizable (or not) with the play/sop, etc.

More details:

This is a plugin that has not been developed since 2012 and there is a Mac version but it must not have worked for a long time. It’s a demo donationware version but can’t be bought anymore because thepiz.org is inaccessible. The only limitation is a “demo” window in the GUI. So it is free and fully functional.

It can be downloaded here:

This is a pack containing in addition 16 other midi utilities :smiley:


Great, I was looking for that!!
Still very new to the Midi World, but I managed to get it running and do the first steps.
Currently I use it only for manually ‘drawing’ some midi key sequences which I can start with hitting just one key (via Studiologic Midi Bass Floor Pedal). To play a ‘self-drawn’ midi sequence, one has to put ‘Host Sync Mode’ to ‘Sample’ and mark the full sequence as ‘Loop Area’ (even if you do not want to loop - can be switched on/off at ‘Playback Mode’).
‘Drawing’ keys is cumbersome and does not follow standard windows logic - but after some trial and error I managed to get what I wanted. Had one crash of GP while drawing.
Did not find any tutorial for midiLooper. There is help by tooltips which is good - but if anyone has further info I would appreciate…

I did not found any help.
You can drag and drop midi files from your explorer in midilooper window.
You can record from a midi keyboard or a virtual keyboard plugin.