[Gig] Quantize Song Parts Changes

This gig file includes a global panel and script to provide a way for song part changes to be quantized to the first beat of the next bar (when the Gig Performer playhead is running).

You can use either the previous/next widgets, or the 8 widgets that directly select a particular song part. As usual, your MIDI controllers can be mapped to any of these widgets.

The red indicator beside the selected song part name will highlight if your song part change is pending i.e. ready to be triggered on the next bar. The green indicator means that the displayed song part is now active.

Download: Quantize Song Part Changes.gig (305.0 KB)

Credits: @rank13

Note: If you would like to retrofit this into an existing gig (in which you’re already using the Global rackspace), you can instead use these components:

  1. Global panel:
    SongPartQuantize.gppanel (275.6 KB)

  2. Global Rackspace script:
    SongPartQuantize-GlobalScript.gpscript (6.2 KB)

  3. Gig script:
    SongPartQuantize-GigScript.gpscript (375 Bytes)