Quantizing Rackspace Changes

I’ve heard that such a feature can be done through scripting: I’d like to “quantize” the changing of the song sections/rackspaces, so that even if I launch a patch change a little early (via a MIDI controller), it will wait until the nearest 1/4, 1/8 or 1/6th note (or whatever I choose)? Ableton has this feature–the “global launch quantization.” I’m asking because although my music is all keyboard-driven, it’s somewhat “DJ-esque” in nature–most of my patches have built-in sequences (beats) and arpeggios that need to sync up to the tempo when changing song sections and launching a new sound. Thanks.

A starting point will be to check out this template (if you haven’t seen it). It works with song parts and is quantized to the bar. There will be the possibility to alter this for 1/4, but maybe not 1/8 or 1/16, as it relies on script ‘beat callbacks’ which only occur on 1/4.

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