Midi control of lights


Continuing the discussion from Synchronize Logic Pro X with GigPerformer:

I have a light controller with midi input so I use a script in gigperformer that sends a midi note to the controller when I change rackspaces or variation. The midi note changes scenes or chases.

You may need more control but this allows us to have better lighting w no light person and no extra work during the show.


I just found DMXIS wich can be controlled by simple note numbers on a specific midi channel.
So I will use the Toontrack Player EZPlayer pro which can load a midifile.
With start of the global play button this midiplayer (which is a plugin in GigPerformer) start in sync with the
global tempo and triggers presets and scenes.

In my gig I only use 1 rackspace and different variations for 1 song, so the toontrack player just runs and controls my light.

Similar I do with GrandJV which triggers videos, controlled by IAC driver on Mac.

You can take a look here: https://youtu.be/nl-V3553RVY