Synchronize Logic Pro X with GigPerformer


Hi, I am using GigPerformer for playing Live Sounds and Logic Pro X to control some Light Shows.
What I want to do is this:

The global play button is mapped to my play button on my Midi Controller Keyboard.
Now when I press this play button on the Keyboard Controller I want to start Logic Pro X
and when I press the play button again Logic should stop also.

I know an I map the play button to GigPerformer and Logic, but I want that Logic starts or stops
when the builtin global play button in GigPerformer is pressed?

Can anybody help me?

Midi control of lights

Sounds like a script might be the way to go here.
Use a callback to respond to your button and then
a) Use the EnablePlayhead function to start/stop the playhead and
b) Send a MIDI event to Logic (think, control surface) for it to start or stop

I don’t really know Logic very well (I’ve only dabbled with it a bit) but I’m pretty sure it has a way to map MIDI messages to commands like start/stop


Is there any possibility of a callback which reacts on the global play button?


You mean something that would just tell you whether it started or didn’t start?
Or is it the case that you want a callback to be triggered INSTEAD of the button actually starting or stopping the playhead (in which case your callback would have to do it)


A callback which is triggered INSTEAD would be fine


This is more subtle than it looks. Are you talking about a callback when you explicitly CLICK that button or are you looking for a callback when the playback is changed (i.e, on or off, regardless of how it happened)?

What exactly are you trying to accomplish?



following situation: Whenever the global play button is activated, a message should be sent to another computer via network so that the software on this
remote computer is started and when global play is stopped the remote computer should also stop its software (in this case Logic Pro X)

There should be not dependancy on the hardware controller which starts or stops the global play.
So when global play is pressed by click on the mouse button, the remote computer should be triggered.

Hope this explanation helps.


Yes, I understand that - but what happens in the situation where Gig Performer receives a PLAY command from another application (whether on the same computer or via network)? Is that supposed to trigger the callback as well?


Whenever the play button is activated or stopped the callback should be triggered.
And in the callback it can be detected what has bee done: PLAY or STOP