Korg nano kontrol 2

Hello everyone,

not sure if this has been asked before.

I use gig performer with a gpd winmax 2 windows computer.

My korg nanokontrol 2 works fine as long as it is plugged in before launching gig performer.

after stand by or even hibernation it stops working until a restart of gig performer.

I noticed that with the slmixface and other midi controllers, unplugging them generates a “disconnected” message in gp while plugging them back in generates a “connected” message.
In the case of the nano control this does not happen suggesting that gp is unaware that it has been unplugged.

Is there anything that I am missing here or is it a korg/driver/ windows issue? It would make take down and set up much easier if nanokontrol could function like the other midi devices…

Looking forward to hear


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Hi @Bevburn, I use the nano Kontrol 2; however, Gig Performer does show the disconnected / connected message if my nano gets unplugged while Gig Performer is running.

Not sure how yours fails to do so. Is it plugged straight into your PC or laptop?

@DennisT2022 the kontrol 2 is plugged directly into the computer. Its running windows 11.

In the korg driver utility uninstall program it registers when the kontrol is plugged or unplugged as well as in device manager.

But in gp it doesent register that is has been removed so I’m guessing thats why it is not looking for it to reregister it.

I have the same issue. I need to restart Gig Performer in order for the Korg nanokontrol2 to be recognized after disconnect and reconnect.

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Yes. It works fine but once disconnected it’s unable to be recognized when reconnected to gig performer. It seems to not recognize that it’s been disconnected.

I’m on windows 11 and hope to try it sometime on windows 10 to see if the operating system is causing the problem. But quite busy right now.

I bet it will work on Windows 10.
What’s the catch, Gig Performer reacts to what message a driver is sending to it.
To prove that this issue is a driver issue I did a couple of tests with virtual MIDI drivers a while ago here: Loop MIDI ports not automatically discovered on Windows - #8 by npudar

Perhaps this post and these utilities will be useful for you to experiment.

Edit: a similar thread. This may be some Windows 11 driver issue.

I always had more or less problems with the Korg drivers and this on all versions of Windows since XP :grimacing:

I had the same issue on my prior Windows 10 laptop before I moved over to a new Win 11 system – so I don’t think that’s an issue just on Windows 11. I do wonder if it is because I installed the Korg drivers. One thing that I did notice once is that if I open the nanoKontrol editing software and then try to play via Gig Performer, my ASIO latency spikes really badly. I have to reconnect my interface so get the latency to go away (sometimes, it requires a restart of Gig Performer).

Excellent post.

This had me thinking. I can plug my nano kontrol directly into my fantom keyboard and it works meaning. I did this to test how its ability to control the fantom as the nano is ‘class compliant’ as far as I know.

It worked and I was able to control gig performer with it through the fantom albeit quite erotically.

So after you made this statement about drivers I went to my older laptop running windows ten and installed gig performer.
Plugging in the nano kontrol after opening gp and it picked up the controller right away. Plug it out and it also picked up that it was disconnected. Plugged it back in and it was picked up again (Remiding me of how solid a program gig performer is) I tried it many times and it worked as expected.
I then downloaded and installed the korg drivers which yielded the same issues I a now facing in windows 11.
The culpret is the korg drivers. They need to be uninstalled for it to work the way I need it to. I can always program the control on a seperate computer if needs be.
Thanks for your post…

Thanks for your reply.

Did a little experiment and found out that the issue is with the korg drivers. Is there a way to remove the drivers so the computer is able to return to its previous state?

Think Ive found a solution to remove the korg driver. I have only done so with windows 10. May also work with windows11.

First step is to make sure the kontrol is plugged in. Then open device manager and navigate to sounds

Click on korg nanokontrol 2 and uninstall device

after place a tick in the check box “delete the driver software for this device”

click uninstall

THe nano knotrol will turn off.

Disconnect and reconnect kontrol to the computer and youre all set.

Hope this helps.


I expected this to be a Korg driver issue.
Yes, you also found a way to uninstall it.



This is great that it works so well.

I also did it on my windows 11 GPD winmax2 and its also working on that system now.

Interesting. I’m confused though because I thought the Korg drivers were necessary. What are the Korg drivers needed for? The configuration software?

Keep in mind, Korg by default numbers their CC values strangely by default and I had to edit them so there was no CC0 and no CC32 being sent. In order to do this, you have to have the Korg drivers and software installed.

I can confrim on Win 10 that unplugging the Nano2 will cause GP to show the device as disconnected but repatching it will not auto-connect it. This is ether because it’s connecting to a different USB buss address, despite being patched to the same port, or the Korg driver goes idle until reboot.

Seems that the korg driver may give it more functionality somehow and also allow its editing software to see the device.

Thing is, gig performer is so capable that it simply need the controller with basic functions and things can then be re mapped to practically anything you like. At least thats my understanding.

So with gp you simply need a class compliant controller, which the nano kontrol is, without the korg driver. The korg driver simply complicates things.

I plan to program the kontrol (if I need to) on a different machine but, if only one computer is avialable, it’s still not a problem. One can simply install the ‘driver’ to program the unit and after, uninstall it back to enjoy gp recognizing when it is plugged or unplugged automatically.