Joe Luca - Awaken

Joe Luca is a keyboard player in the band Awaken, tribute to the music of Yes.

Joe began organ lessons at the age of 8 so he could play “like the blond haired guy on Roundabout.” After getting his degree in musicology and theory, he has enjoyed many different types of performance in the Tri State area from rock to classical to jazz, to pit orchestra. In 1994, he was the keyboardist for Fragile: The Classic Yes Show and had the good fortune of playing the YesFest at The Manhattan Center, NYC. In 2007, he collaborated with Jon Anderson, providing symphonic orchestration and arranging for a suite of pieces based on The Golden Mean. After a 20+ year hiatus from playing keyboards, he returns to play the music that inspired him in the first place (learn more).

Joe getting ready for Gig Performer at Infinity Music Hall and Bistro:

If you didn’t watch the live stream, make sure to check out this great Backstage with Gig Performer
episode with Joe Luca:

:arrow_right: Learn here about Joe’s PC setup - ‘HAL’ - an Asus/Intel based PC mounted in a server chassis seated in a flight case → LINK

Learn more:


Just got done watching Joe Luca’s interview on YouTube. What an outstanding interview. It’s given me a lot of ideas to work on with the Heart Tribute I’m playing in.


The beauty of Gig Performer. Take the gig file from my rehearsal rig, bring it home and work on it from my workstation rig. Tweak it back and forth as much as I want. When it’s done, load same gig file into my performance rig and everything translates.


Joe has it all – master of keys, great voice, and also some guitar/bass playing!



Joe was a guest in another Backstage with Gig Performer episode. :slight_smile:

The stem separation software David was talking about is this one:


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I tried this stem separation software over the weekend. I can only imagine what the next 5 years will look like.