Integra-7 controlled by Gig Performer - is it possible yet?

Hello GP friends,

Sorry, if I’m beating a dead horse. I’ve read the few threads here that mention Integra-7, but has anyone actually been successful at controlling the Integra-7 using Roland’s INTEGRA-7 Editor Ver.2 VST inside of Gig Performer? If so, are you willing to share how it’s done?

I have the Editor version 2.0.3, which I believe was the latest update, along with the latest Windows driver. The plugin block loads into GP, and the main page opens nicely. However, when you use the Utility tab to select the MIDI devices, it seems no matter what is chosen, they all return a Connect Failed ERROR. If it can’t be done, maybe it’s time to retire the unit, but with 6,000 or so sounds, kind of hard to shelve it.

Are any of those MIDI ports assigned to Gigperformer (options->MIDI ports). Most MIDI drivers cannot be used by more than one client, and it seems the Roland vst does open these ports by itself, instead of using the MIDI in/out it could get from the plugin host, in this case Gigperformer.