In Ear Monitoring Set Up (solution)

Hey Gig Performers,…

Maybe i have a simple but working solution for my problem i have described here (only in german)

So First of all i will describe my “Problem”:
My Interface (Focusrite Saffire USB 6 version 2) has only 4 Outputs and 2 Inputs.

I sent my sounds through Output 1/2, to our Mixer (Zoom L-20) for our InEar System, and then i get the whole Band and our CLICKTRACK back to Input 1/2 (including) my keyboard sounds, because i have no possibility to manage my I/O internal.

So my solution is now following:
In every single Rackspace i’ve patched all my sound into a Mixer, after that into another mixer (to get an better overview) and then i patch the Signals into output 1/2 (to the L-20) and to a “to global Rackspace” Block.

In my Global Rackspace i patched the Input 1/2 (from my Saffire), and the “From Rackspace” Block (and a Player for my lonely studio sessions :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) into a mixer and after that I go into Output 3/4.
From the L-20 In Ear Mixer i’ll know get JUST the Band and our Clicktrack! My Keyboard comes from the System now and i can manage it with a widget…

I hope this make sense!? Please give me a feedback!

Thanks in advance!

How did you remove yourself from the band mix that’s coming in on inputs 1-2 ?

You would just do that at the mixer… it’s how I give myself an aux feed from the main mixer that is without my keyboards. The other band members get my keyboards, as do the mains, but my aux mix doesn’t so I can add that to taste in GP.

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i will not send this in my inear mix