Images on Rackspace-Frontview

Hello all,
…I would like to place an image on a rackspace frontview, like a background-image. I have not found how that works. I have already seen to place text-labels on it, but no images.

Is there any method to do so?


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Unfortunately there’s no way to do this.
But it already has been asked for this feature by some of the users, so I hope the devs will implement it some day.

I would like this feature also. In fact, I would like to be able to use a graphic that takes over the whole screen for performance. Because I use an iPad that wirelessly talks to my PC, I don’t need physical access to widgets etc as the iPad does all the controlling. I would be nice for my audience to see a pretty picture that references the song rather than a technical screen showing boring info of no interest to them.

PowerPoint? :innocent:

How would I use PP? Ideally, I’d like a different picture to load automatically for each of my 500 songs I used to be able to do this with Forte in the old days

OK, just some thoughts.

You use your iPad to control GP and you want to show some picture to the audience, right?
So you could minimize GP and show a big picture on your monitor to the audience.

There are several solutions for that.
You could use scripting to start an external program, for example powerpoint.
Or you use the song/lyrics windpow to show an image.

Or you could use special VJ software (I am using GrandVJ) to show picture or videos.
Via a virtual Midi Cable you can synchronize such clips to Gig Performer.

Or you could try this plugin:

Video showing how to play videos in Gig Performer using VidPlayVST

You have the start global play and then with a Midi Note you can start the video.

By the way: Are you using a Beamer to show the picture to the audience?

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Thats a great solution from you as usual PianoPaul. I’m not sure I want to go there though, as I already spend major time on songs as it is. Curious as to what a “Beamer” is.

Oops, Beamer seems to be a typical German word which sounds like English.
A Beamer is a video projector.

Same as “Handy”, typical German word for mobile phone…


I get it I - beaming a video stream. A good term. Thanks.

That’s a good one. Makes me think of the down-under terms for cooler: Esky, as in Eskimo (Australia) and Chilly Bin (New Zealand).