How to play video in sync within Gig performer?

For those who use videos in their set-up. How do you do it?

Some ideas:

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Thanks. I will take a look. Right now when I play a video in Logic and open Gig Performer it seems that the video output goes to input 15 and 16 of my Apogee.

Not 15-16. 13-14 inputs

So what?! Is that an issue? :thinking:

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Not really. I was only wondering why it was input 13 and 15 by default.

I downloaded VidPlayVST but it seems it does not appear in the menu of available plug-in in Gig Peformer 4.

I see see it as an Audio Unit INSTRUMENT in Logic X though


Just tried it. It works.

Just put the DLL under C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins
Or add a custom location in the Plugin manager.

He is on a Mac, not windows

OK, there are files for the both operating systems.
For the AU version to work it might be necessary to restart Mac after the installation.

I have downloaded the right files. I see the AU in my AU file and the VST in the VST file. I have restarted my MAC etc…

I just downloaded as well – works fine — I assume you did run the Plugin Scanner. Did it find the plugin?


You solved my problem. The plug-in failed to authorize . I RE-SCANED the failed plug-ins and now I see it. Thanks a lot