Video showing how to play videos in Gig Performer using VidPlayVST

This is an interesting video showing how to play back videos with GP. In the video - audio track and the video track are separated so audio track could be post processed in many different ways during live performance


ingenious minds at work :wink:

That’s interesting. Bookmarked :slight_smile:

This is More than interesting! I’ve been trying to figure out how to use backing tracks and lyrics together in Gig Performer and this seems to be the answer. VidPlayvst can decipher .cdg files and play them in sync with the .mp3 file loaded into Gigplayer. Solves my problem. Chordpro files don’t sync to the backing track. Thanks!

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True – but a great idea - I’ve added this to our feature tracking system


Great! Synching .lrc files would be even better.