How to use midi out

Sorry, was I supposed to attach the gig file here, or send it to some other email?

Just attach to a post here :wink: @David-san will take care.

OK - now I understand — of course transposing the MidiIn Block will not do anything — that’s just changing what gets sent into RealStrat.

The issue getting the notes sent out from RealStrat to be correct for the banjo instrument.

So the notes that are being sent out from RealStrat seem to be D2, G2, D3, G3, B3, B4 and I guess that green note area of the Kontakt instrument are highter than that.

However, I don’t understand why a script is necessary to fix this. Couldn’t he just use the free midiTranspose plugin from Insert Piz Here

Oh Wow (shouting very loudly making throat hoarse)! It works!
Midi Transpose
I had to make some adjustments as per the screen shot, but it works.
Several people have stuck by me through this and I really appreciate all the effort made.
But my very first post asks:

“2 Is there another way to raise the midi note data at the output stage (I’m using Kontact 5)”

Turned out to be really simple in the end.

Of course, if you use a plugin to do what I wanted to put in my GPScript, you don’t need scripting. I like GPScript! I like using it! :nerd_face:

The whole thing was to get all the information that @bigalminal didn’t want to tell us :face_with_monocle:

He is trying to make this banjo plugin work for him since 2018 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

:musical_score: :notes: Hey Mister Banjo :musical_note: :partying_face: :clinking_glasses: :champagne: :tada:

Indeed. I was completely confused by all the descriptions, particularly around MidiIn Transpose not working)

It was only when I saw that last screenshot that I realized what was happening. I really appreciated your efforts to try and get to the bottom of the issue,

Right - it is much better to point users at simple solutions when feasible.

I’m a musician forced to be a geek if I want to use today’s music technology. I couldn’t make progress without the help of the guys on this forum. I’ve had amazing assistance over the time I’ve been using Gig Performer, and the patience and perseverance of the ones who have helped me has been so fantastic. Many, many thanks to this great family of GP USERS.


You are welcome :wink:

Hi dhj:
I have this realibanjo vst and its excellent. I’m using the guitar hero fender mustang guitar that has a button for each note on the fret board. As you read on this post to play a chord you have to press the root, the third and the 5th to played. I know that gigperformer has a template called
Keys - Knifonium Arp Wave Synth which is a AutoTriad. But the scriplet code is so complex. What I want is this, I want something that when I press a button on the guitar, GP4 will generated the the root, the third and the 5th so realibanjo can play the chord.


A scriptlet can do that.
What Note for example comes in and what should be generated?

You can also use a VST to generate that additional Notes
For example

For example something like ripchord but with GP4

So you do not want use such a plugin, but GP4 should do that?
When the distance between the notes is fixed you can use 3 MIDI In Plugins in parallel and just transpose then 2nd and 3rd MIDI In Plugin.

Why can’t you use Ripchord? I use it all the time with GP these days

Excellent Idea but I want to use major chord and minor chord

I’ll test and let you know.

Thank you

And what determines Major and Minor Chords?
For each root note you could use 3 MIDI In Plugins with the correct note range (single note) and the tranposes :wink:

I thought somebody wrote a diatonic transposed scriptlet at one point. That was on my list but kept getting delayed due to focusing on underlying GP stuff!

Perhaps this could help?

Still don’t understand this term, as it doesn’t seem to mean the same for everybody (e.g. I understand the MuseScore meaning which seam to be different from what you mean).

But last time we spoke about this, it seems that the solution was here:

“Diatonic” means hat notes are transposed and then possibly adjusted to stay within the scale.

Example: if I am in the key of C Major and want to add the third, then pressing C gives me E, but pressing D gives me F, not F#

If I was in CMin then pressing C would give me Eb, not E

Edit: in other words, diatonic transpose uses scale degrees rather than chromatic

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