[Gig] Single-finger triads with auto chosen inversion

This gig is meant for non-keyboard players to fiddle around with chord progressions.


You select a key and mode and play individual notes in that key (indicated for reference by LEDs above a keyboard picture). The note you play is considered to be the root of the chord (triad) and will be doubled in the bass (2 octaves lower). The triad will be major, minor or diminished according to the key/mode that is chosen.

The first voicing is chosen in the root position (or an inversion if that was selected prior), and for the next note you play, the inversion will be chosen according to the smallest distance to the next triad voicing. This way the chord progression will sound more ‘logical’ or musical as it would be what a keyboard player is likely to do. You can force any inversion while playing by clicking the appropriate LED (e.g. with the percussion pads (P1, P2, P3) on an Axiom25 controller).

Download: auto_triads_sequencer_scriptlet_template_1.2.gig (682.1 KB)

Credits: @SplashChoke

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