How to auto-hold a note for a period of time

Hi all. New to Gig Performer and I’ve just had my first live performance with it today! Generally smooth sailing!

Not sure if this has been asked before. What I would like to do is to hit a note but have that note hold for about 5 seconds or so) without me holding on to the key or holding the sustain pedal. I’m trying to trigger a suspended cymbal sample (which lasts for a few seconds) by just quickly hitting a note quickly. Is there already a function/plugin or do I have to script for this?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Why not use a one shot sample in your sampler?

It’s actually triggering Kontakt. It’s not just the cymbals but other instruments as well…

You could use the AutoSustain scriptlet but you’d still have to stop it.
Hmmm, might be nice to add an auto-stop parameter to that scriptlet

Yes, here is the link

Perfect! Thanks!

I just modified the default AutoSustain scriptlet that comes with GP4 so that it has an AutoStop features.

Download this scriptlet and try it - adjust the parameters for AutoStop and TimeDelay to suit

AutoSustain With AutoStop.gpp_internal (2.7 KB)


Glad to hear this! Welcome to the Community! :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the GP community forum, @Chee, probably the best musicians forum in the world. Most helpful, as you can see by the replies to your post already! :smiley: