HELP - Gp3 install Window runs slow

Hi, I have not yet updated to WIn 10 build 2004
My computer was running well until the GP3 install.
Looking for tech support first install of GP3 and when it got to auto VST scan the scan window disappeared! After complete restart, windows is to slow to use. Task Manager will barely load.
On a New install of any app I would prefer to select which folders to scan, especially VST.
Downloaded from the GP website. None of my Audio hardware is on (Iturn it on after windows loads)
Win 10 pro
MOTU mk3 Ultralite
ASIO 4 All is installed but the MOTU ASIO drivers are used

In the four years that GP has been available, we haven’t seen a single report like this. Something else is responsible for this — could be your anti-virus, a corrupted version of GP or something else. There is absolutely no way that GP downloaded from our site could do this, as far as Windows is concerned, it’s just a regular application.

Can you post some screen shots?

Thanks for the reply, I’m just listing the events in order as it happened.
After uninstalling GP and restarting win 10 pro works again
maybe a corrupted version of GP, what is the checksum?

There is another thread talking about Win 2004 update causing issues with GP.
So I’m at a point to start over.

  1. Does the Win 2004 update need to be installed then install Gp3?
  2. When installing, Is there a way to not have GP auto scan for VST?
  3. Should I uninstall ASIO 4 all
    Thanks for your help with this.

If you’re thinking of installing the Win 2004 soon, I would do the following:

  • Uninstall GP
  • Install Win 2004 update
  • Connect Audio hardware
  • Install GP

GP will by default only search the standard steinberg default location. Although you can disable automatic scanning after the first run from GP options, you can’t stop the initial scan.
I suppose you could temporarily rename the VST folder so that GP won’t find anything.

Note that you can manually configure the folders where it should search from the plugin manager, once you’re done with the initial scan.

Are you running the trial version?

never got as far as the trial, but yes it’s downloaded from the GP site…
GigPerformer3-3.8.0-Setup.exe 44.5 MB
I’ll try this unless there’s anything else to do first:

(complete) Uninstall GP
Install Win 2004 update
Connect Audio hardware
Install GP

Bugs Found On Windows 10 May 2020 Version 2004 Update

Ok now I’m not sure if I want to do this all. Can anyone confirm the 2004 release + GP works?

Yes, it works. The issue I had in this thread was with licensing, which is why I made the suggestion to you to uninstall GP before installing the 2004 release.
I am currently running the 2004 release and GP on 3 machines.

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Gig Performer works with any 64-bit version starting with Windows 7!

If you are experiencing the slowdowns you describe after you just install Gig Performer, and you’re not even running it, then there is something else seriously wrong with your environment that has absolutely nothing to do with Gig Performer. Have you done a complete malware check of your machine?

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Please see this KB article

GP 3 installation will not install any services, daemons or any other kind of background processes.
Simply installing it CANNOT slow down your computer. If you are not running it - it CANNOT impact your system

I have no doubt that you experienced issues, but the fact that you installed GP is purely coincidental.
Something else happened during that time and something else changed. We cannot speculate what, but it certainly cannot be GP.


Win 2004 & GP (and others apps) have been working fine for me since april.
I feel that it works faster but it is just a subjective impression.

For what it’s worth…I’ve been doing fine with 2004 & GP for quite some time now. I didn’t even have to uninstall GP for the 2004 update either. I know it would have been safer…I just didn’t think about it. And, I agree with @Hermon about the speed and smoothness of operations now.

I appreciate the help, 'm troubleshooting and Realize that is most likely a coincidence.
From my perspective a perfectly good computer just stopped working and I need solutions.

  1. Installed GP and the problem started during the VST folder scan.
  2. Win 10 2004 update has caused many Audio issues for other users. (although this is not yet installed on this PC)

During the install, The GP VST Scan window (progress bar) disappeared. I thought it was done installing but when the GP desktop icon was clicked to launch, the GP window displayed and was still actively scanning and that is when everything slowed to an unusable crawl.

win 10 1909
OS 18363.1082
All Drives are 0% frag

One thing that I can say right now is that prior to installing 2004 I had some serious driver problems which I felt could only be corrected with a complete Windows re-install. However, after the 2004 update, those problems disappeared completely.

I’m not saying that the update would for sure solve your problem. But it might. I think that you could always return to a prior state of your computer if needed. I remember you could do that in earlier versions of Windows.

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@jpt Thank you that is encouraging. I read that the 2004 update takes up to 5 + hrs to install. there are many complaints to the point of people wanting Ye Olde Fashioned CD install disc. lol

@sadicus That is true. I remember just having to walk away and let the machine do its thing…

If nothing else, uninstall and re-install GP.
I also wanted to note that you should have your audio hardware connected when you start Windows. While it’s technically ‘plug and play’, it’s better to let Windows start up with what you’re going to use rather than add it on later.

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This could be an indication of an issue with your hard drive. Check your drives thoroughly for errors and problems.

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@edm11 Normally I would agree, but I’ve used this same hardware for 5+ years and found that once win 10 loads all it’s startup files first, then powering up each USB device works better.