Win 10 Update 2004 build

A heads up to Win 10 users:

I updated to the 2004 build this morning, and upon completion and launch of GP, I was prompted again for my user name and license code. I was not able to successfully enter my previous code, as GP tells me I have no more activations remaning on that license code.

So it appears that GP is recognizing the new Win 10 2004 build as a different machine… at least it did for me. You might want to deactivate your GP activation prior to upgrading to the 2004 build.

To @dhj can you reset the activations for my account? I had to deactivate the license on my backup machine to get my main machine back up and running. I anticipate you’ll be getting more of these type requests.

The same issue here. It seems that the 2004 is a major update. It re-installed drivers for all the USB(MIDI) devices attached to the Surface Pro.

I’ve just come across the same issue after upgrading to WIn 10 build 2004. I raised a ticket #138 but if someone could reset my activation count that would be great. Currently I can’t start it at all.


2004 is a major update. Considering all the problems going to 1903 and 1909 from the stability of 1809 it is recommended not installing this update until it is stable.

With major OS updates many of the plugin license mechanisms detect they are running on a “different” system and they need to be re-registered.

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I installed win 2004 in my dedicated “sandbox” windows partition.

At this time, apart from GP (deactivated before installation), all my plugins work, including those with
iLok or others protections.
I hope I have not forgotten any :grimacing:

I keep on stressing GP with insane handlings while playing Justin Bieber tunes in the audio file player.
Gp is really not spiteful…

I forgot to deactivate GP in my 2nd Windows machine, and the same happened to it.

Good Grief - I’m just finding out about this now after updating 2 PCs I haven’t used with GP in months. I’m so glad I didn’t update the 3rd because of Cubase 10 pro (as well). Is there a procedure for “reactivation” on the other two PCs?

I deactivated GP in preparation for this update, and then I find that it gets stuck at 61% every time. Its been well reported on the net, but no fix so far that works. Anyone else had this problem?

As I recall, you have a Surface Pro, and I know there were blocks on updating those devices to the 2004 build until very recently. Make sure your device has updated drivers, no anti-virus etc.

I’d also remove anything that is connected to it while attempting the update–including taking it out of the docking station. The fewer the variables, the better.

Edm11 - Thanks for the tips. You’d think the Surface Pro being a Microsoft product would be no problem for this update. No dock involved and no anti virus except MS Defender; does that count? You mentioned blocks being lifted - I can’t see any on the update page. Not sure what else to do, but there are a lot out there same as me and can’t get past 61%.

My ASUS updated with no problems at all. And, I didn’t deactivate GP. The best part of all is I can use my iLok dongle again. For the last year I would get the Blue Screen of Death if I inserted the dongle. I was just about to wipe the disk and reload Windows when 2004 arrived. After I updated I decided to try the dongle for the hell of it…Voila! Now I can use Pro Tools again!

I went to:,%3A\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download.
I made up the batch file to purge the update cache. I ran that bat file to clear the cache and then update ran normally. I’ll report back if there are any problems.

I spoke too soon. While it downloaded fine, the update once again gets stuck at 61%. I guess it’s up to MS to fix this issue. Will leave it running for a while to see what happens.

Windows, like marriage: for better or worse :grin: