HELP - Gp3 install Window runs slow

@jpt GP does not need to be uninstalled before updating to Win2004, but it has to be deactivated.
Otherwise, if GP has been installed before on 3 different computers, it will see this update as a new OS and will ask to deactivate one of the other installations… Some GP users know about it :slightly_frowning_face:
This is one of the problems with win2004 update.

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what about if some plugin was using wifi/ethernet connection to some sort of valuation/activation and failed and entered an endless loop…
Sorry I don’t use win.

Maybe try suggestion below…

WORKING - win 10 2004 + GP3
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions! after 3 days of troubleshooting everything is working as expected.
I look forward to being a part of this forum and learning GP! In fact I just noticed someone posted a Video tutorial series, I’m going to purchase that and start learning today.

Is anyone using any GUITAR to MIDI for live shows? If there’s not already a thread, I’ll start one.
GI-20, Axon, JamOrigin MG2, etc.

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I say without hesitation Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2.
I started playing live first on MG2 standalone until the day where I discovered GP.
Now MG2 is in almost all my rackspaces.
You can try the fully functional demo to get a more precise idea.


Do you know what was wrong and how you fixed it? Might be useful info for others

yup. MG2 is fantastic for me, live and in studio.

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