Help GP + Stream Deck

Following the install directions, something about the dll is crashing GP4.8.2.
I know it’s the dll because if “dll” is removed, GP opens and runs as expected.
PATH: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Gig Performer\Extensions

all versions up to date. win10x64 + StreamDeck.+ GP
What are some things to check?
~ Thanks

Good Tutorial by Brett Pontecorvo found here:
StreamDeck Extension Blog
StreamDeck Extention Download

Can you please post the log, per these guidelines: How to post a crash log on Windows

Do you have any other extensions installed?

Also, when you right click on the DLL file and click ‘Properties’, do you have the ‘Unblock’ check box at the bottom-right are of the Properties window?

Hi. I already posted this on the “Extensions” section, so tell me if it’s redondant. GP crashes on my system too with the extension installed, I’m on a Macbook Pro M1 Pro under Ventura 13.6, I use the Arm version of the extension.

I tried the extension yesterday: it breaks at least one of my gig files (with 4.7 and 4.8.2) ! with it installed I try to open this gig, it gives me an error message “loading failed, unknown error” then it crashes. As soon as i move the Dylib file out of the extensions folder and reopen everything, it works as expected.

What can I do to help debug this ?

Let’s please continue in this thread: [blog] How to install and use the Stream Deck extension in Gig Performer - #8 by npudar

Please try with this version: Release beta-2 · timothyschoen/GigPerformer-Streamdeck · GitHub

It works now, thank you ! :blush:

I’m interested by a multi-instances version, as each of my bands have a separated instance, I use it to separate big setlists with a lot of audio files. I’m ready to buy a streamdeck thanks to your extension, but it HAS to work with separate instances for me

What do you wish exactly?
Switch the instances on the Stream Deck, so you can control different GP instances with just the same Stream Deck?

“Switch the instances on the Stream Deck, so you can control different GP instances with just the same Stream Deck?”

It should be the perfect solution, yes ! :grinning: :heart_eyes:

Interesting Idea, if that is technically possible - I do not know.

Stream Deck/GPStreamdeck-beta2-Win64 is Crashing GP

I’m not sure what “Unblock’ check box at the bottom-right” means, hope this image answer question.

Thanks for reporting!

When does the extension crash? When loading? Or do you have some steps I can take to reproduce this?

Please post the crash log. (instructions)

The last build should be BETA3.

I can work on this, though it might take a little while before it’s completed. The main issue is that we’re gonna need a way to choose to which instance you want a button to be mapped, which means all widgets should get an extra property for “GigPerformer Instance”. Additionally, there need to be changes to how GP and SD talk to each other.

Edit: or, like @pianopaul suggested, have buttons on the Stream Deck to pick which instance is currently active

Loading GP. It’ does it’s thing reading all the VST like normal, but then Crash.
I did send the report from the GP window. ~ Hope that helps.

B3 also crashed
gp-streamdeck beta3 also crashed GP on load win10x64

Can you please include your email address with he crash report so we can figure out which one is yours

Here it is: (24.1 KB)

Hmmm, this is a crash in C:\Windows\System32\KERNELBASE.dll

If you remove B3 does it still crash?

(In the extension sdk is a function for getting the name of the instance, but maybe that doesn’t suit your needs)