Helix Native Setup in GP4


I need some help understanding how to best setup Helix Native in GP4.

I want to create a Setlist in GP4 with 10 songs.
Do I create 10 different Racks as local Racks or Do I create 1 Global Rack and somehow change the presets in Helix Native using CC somewhere in GP4?

So far, I have created test Local Racks. These work OK, but I notice that the Gig file takes quite sometime to load. Is this the correct way to utilise GP4 or would I be better using one single Global Rack.

I wanted to be able to create a Global Rack and simply create a widget that allow me to change the Helix Preset, but for some reason this seems not possible.

I use separate rackspaces. I also don’t use the Helix Native snapshots, and instead map individual parameters in Native (automation parameters) to widgets. That way I can turn effects on and off from the widgets (and map to midi controller) and use them in variations.

Yes, it does take a while to load initially, but after that it all runs smoothly.

Not familiar w the plug-in but generally one rack space is adequate for a setup with 1 plugin. Map controls and make “variations” based on the different sounds created by adjusting the controls.

In set list mode make as many songs and song parts as needed. Each song part links to a variation.

Your might also try this template I created. [Gig] Line6 Helix Native - 8 Snapshots

This template allows you to switch between Snapshots in Native using variations. You can create as many Rackspaces as you want with this template if you have multiple presets you need to use.

The last step would be to map Rackspaces/variations to song parts in set list mode and you’ll be good to go.


Thanks for the replies, everyone. I have to spend some time fine-tuning the settings for my needs.

The thing is, I have been using the Bandhelper app for automatically send MIDI messages to the Helix floor board, by simply selecting a song title… I was thinking to purchase a MIDI Controller for the Helix Native plugin as a backup device.

Since I also have GP4, I wanted to be able to combine different plugins from other manufacturers but I also want to be able to use one instance of Helix Native for all the setlist, changing presets and effects blocks by selecting a song title just like I do in Bandhelper. It seems that it is not possible, and that I need to load a new instance of HN on its own rack.

Why don’t you send the message to GP and let GP subsequently send a message to your pedal controller?

Are you saying that a key requirement is to use the exact same internal Helix presets between Helix Floor and Helix Native? Or are you open to taking a different approach with your backup?

That would be great if it will work!
I usually connect my BandHelper App to Helix Floor pedalboard using my Android Phone, connecting with a USB cable to Helix Floor.

Are you suggesting that I do:
Phone → PC (GP4) and GP4 → Helix Native Plugin?
I don’t know if I can send the same program and bank change to GP4.

Yes, I have the same Presets in both HF and HN.
I just want to keep it simple.

I have now tried to send the MIDI from the phone App to GP4 through the USB cable… no can do.

It woks when connecting to HF. Maybe to do with the end of the cable being different. the end of the cable for the HF is like a printer type and the one for the PC is a normal type.

I can’t help you with the physical communication part, that depends on how you want to connect stuff together.

However, when you switch to a rackspace (or songpart) after receiving a program change, GP can send out an arbitrary sequence of program changes to external hardware, they don’t have to be the same as the PC message you send into gig performer

What OS do you have?

A few comments:

  • On Mac, the VST3 version of Native doesn’t accept program change messages, so I have to use the AU version if I want to send PC messages directly to the plugin from my foot controller.
  • By default, GP uses PC messages to switch rackspaces, so you need to make sure they aren’t being intercepted by GP (and therefore not being passed to the plugin). See below.
  • Start by just sending PC messages (not bank). Within the currently selected Setlist in Native, you will have access to all 128 presets via PC numbers 0 to 127.

In the MIDI Ports (Options window), you should see something for your Android device, in order for GP to receive anything. I am not sure how this works with Andriod - maybe others here can help.

In Global MIDI options, ensure you are passing unused PC messages. Also set the highlighted option to a specific channel, and then have Band Helper use a different channel. This will ensure the PC messages are always ignored by GP and passed through to the plugin.

In your rackspace, you need to connect the midi port for your android device to Native.

So if you don’t have a midi port/device for Android (or whatever it creates when connected) then GP won’t receive anything.

But in saying all of this, if your goal is to also integrate other plugins and have things switched on/off, then I think this is not the simple approach, and you are better off using separate instances of Native on different rackspaces (combined with other plugins) and then use BandHelper to switch the rackspaces.

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If you are a windows user, then it seems this is not possible. From the Helix Native Pilot’s Guide:

At this time, remote MIDI control of setlist and preset changes is supported only with the AU (Mac) and Pro Tools AAX (Mac and Windows) Helix Native plugin formats. It is not supported for the VST2 or VST3 Helix Native plugin formats on Mac or Windows.

Rank13, thank you for your input. Yes, it looks like I won’t be able to do it, and it is not worth buying a midi controller for HN.

I am trying to wrap my head around GP4 and it is giving me headache… LOL

chris_g, Thank you so much for the snapshot template! It’s great! I will be using it.

One thing though. I tried to edit the a copy of the panel, to change the snapshot names and for the life of me, I cannot find a way to automatically change the previously selected button state to OFF when clicking on to a different button. When editing the buttons I noticed that there is no plugin assigned to them, but they link to the HN snapshots. ??? More headache.

I have managed to connect the BandHelper app that sends MIDI PC and CC to my Helix Floorboard.

I can now press a button in Helix Floor, which in turn selects the correct Rack and song in the GP Setlist. This works also in reverse, selecting a song in GP it changes the Helix Floor preset.

The problem is that the GP4 is not sending and receiving the additional CC and Value number message, required to select the correct Snapshot (each of these 8 Snapshots acts like song variations in GP) either in Helix Floor or Helix Native.

The information that BandHelper App sends to the pedalboard is normally this:

MSB 32

CC 69 (Needed for Snapshots, together with the Value below).
Value 1 (This Value will select Snapshots number 2 of possible 8 Snapshots).
PC 37
I need to be able to enter ALL of the above data for EACH song in GP4.

Is this possible?
How do I do this?

Maybe I did not understand correctly, but in each Song Part you can define MIDI messages to be sent out:

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Thanks pianopaul.

That solves one problem but… here is another.
In order to use fewer Helix presets, I have assigned (in the Helix) up to 8 songs (one for each of the 8 Snapshots) in one Preset. Doing this, in theory, I can have up to 8 times more songs storage in the Helix although many presets also have songs variations in them.

Now, I have noticed that GP, in Setlist mode, it won’t let me address two identical PC# for song variations (up to 8 variation). For example:

Song A:
PC# 1, MSB 32, LSB 2, CC 69, Value 1(Snapshot 2) .

Song B:
PC# 1, MSB 32, LSB 2, CC 69, Value 2 (Snapshot 3).

Could this be done?

Another thing that I noticed… in Rack mode, I cannot add PC# 0, which is preset 1 in Helix, it will only accept 1 as the lowest number.

Sorry to ask so many questions, but I find all of this overwhelming, especially coming from Bandhelper. Assigning midi messages to helix is just a doddle in that |App, none of… sorry but you can’t have duplicate of that PC# because another song or variation is using it.

I would love to hear from other Helix users on how they set their GP4. :slightly_smiling_face:

The PC# (with bank) needs to be unique, as GP must be able to receive these messages from external controllers. I assume BandHelper doesn’t receive these messages (only send them out) so it wouldn’t care what you’re sending out.

Do you need to set things up this way? Now that you’re introducing GP into the mix as well, it’s obviously getting very complicated if you’re changing the structure/purpose of presets so that some are using snapshots as different songs, rather than just variations within a song.

Yes, Bandhelper only sends the messages to the Helix but it can still store any amount of MIDI Presets with the same PC#, each under a different name. I can then select any of these MIDI Presets inside a song, even using multiples of them and each will get sequencially triggered when I tap on a song title.

The way I use the snapshots in Helix is not doing anything complicated.

A preset consists of many effect blocks which can include amps, effects, IRs and effect loops.
I can use as many blocks as I need, keeping some ON and some OFF. Each of the 8 Snapshots simply recall and switch these effect blocks ON or OFF as needed, hence providing a completely different sound. The Snapshots are part of the preset. I simply give each Snapshot a name… a song name or a variation name. Treat the Snapshots as Variations.

One solution for me would be, if GP4 can allow me to ONLY input CC 69 and Value number in the Setlist Song Variation, without the need of first inputting a PC#, after all, the song already has the PC# from the associated Rack. Is there any ways to achieve that?