[Gig] Line6 Helix Native - 8 Snapshots

This Gig file is for Line 6’s Helix Native. It will allow you to apply custom names and switch between up to 8 snapshots by selecting the corresponding button.

GPScript is used to ensure only one button (Snapshot) is active at a time. You can use variations or assign buttons on any midi controller to switch between Snapshots. In addition, in the Global Rackspace you also have a wah with auto-engage; it engages when the expression is moved disengages when the expression pedal is returned to zero for 700 ms (time is configurable in the script) – don’t forget to map your expression pedal!

To use this gig, simply load a Helix preset in Helix Native. If you have presets on HX Edit for the Helix Floor, LT or HX Stomp you can simply drag and drop those presets into Native and it should work. Remember to import any IRs and put them in the right slots!

Download: Helix Native 8 Snapshots.gig (1.2 MB)

Credits: @chris_g