Line 6 Helix Native VST snapshots changing bug on GP4

Hi Friends:
I download this gp gig file [Gig] Line6 Helix Native - 8 Snapshots I tested with my Helix Native Plugin and using a Boss GT-10 as midi controller. I’m using variations to change the state of the buttons on the control panel that at the same time change the snapshots on the helix native vst. Sometimes when I change variations with the midi controller the snapshot change and sometimes not. On the control panel visually the snapshot button change when I press the button on the midi controller but on the helix native vst the snapshot don’t change. Any help? Thanks

Are you on Windows or Mac? And are you using the VST3 version of Helix Native?

I’m using GP4 for windows 10 and helix native 3.11 vst3

That user gig file uses scripting to simulate the radio buttons for the 8 snapshots. I would recommend simplifying and just using the single parameter in Helix Native to select the snapshot. Especially if you are using variations as well. It will at least start narrowing down the cause of the issue.

If you select the option to ‘Show Value in Caption’, it will permanently display the snapshot index.



Previously to using the user scripting I used the single parameter as you explained and experienced the same behavior.