Harry Triendl

Harry Triendl is a musician from Austria. Harry is a soundscapes performer and visual artist also known as kunst4life.

He plays touch-guitars (tapping guitars similar to a Chapman Stick), keyboards, electronic percussions and also sings. His musical style includes Ambient, Experimental, Avantgarde, Jazz and even Classical music. He also uses visual parts for performances – for example, the virtual orchestra (a modern and contemporary concept of live performing – the interaction between virtual and real musicians). He has mostly played in central Europe with many musicians from around the world like Jamaaladeen Tacuma, G. Calvin Weston, Krzysztof Majchrzak, Philippe Pipon Garcia, Eivind Aarset, Markus Reuter, José Terán, Luiz Márquez, Denovaire, Pepè Fiore, Peter Jan Marthe, Norbert Zehm, Charly Fischer, Harald Pröckl, Karlheinz Siessl, Kristian Tabakov and many many more.

He uses Gig Performer combined with many plugins such as Line 6 Helix. Here’s some action with Gig Performer:

Next week is his big performance 24h long and a live stream will be available.

Check out his work:


Today is THE big day for Harry as he and his fellow Gig Performer will have to endure a “stress test” → 24h of playing live!

You can join the live stream any time using the link from my previous post.

Here’s his setup:


I love this huge plate of spaghettis on the floor, remaining warm for 24 hours… :slightly_smiling_face:

Spaghetti were hot alright - 24 hours! :fire:
(I now imagine @dhj that says - Meh, I didn’t close Gig Performer for months :joy: )


Here’s some feedback - the live stream won’t have the replay, it is removed - they plan to release a “trailer” from the whole 24h. (I’ll post it here as soon as I get the link).

Harry said that he überlebt! and Gig Performer was rock-solid, and overall a “phenomenal tool” and his “control station”.
I’m very happy that all worked so well, I watched parts of the stream, also left a comment. :slight_smile:

I have bunch of photos and here is my selection - Gig Performer in Action! :boom:


Ah, they slept on the spot! I see one of them in his bathrobe :smiley:


Are you interested on my Workflow - check out:


Hello Harry, I really enjoyed the presentation of your equipment and your use of GP (although there are no translation subtitles available in the youtube video - I am French).

Just one question: why are you using an old version of Midi Guitar which is a fundamental part of your setup? MG2 allows a much better tracking of the guitar, there are new important functions and new very interesting guitar fx like for example Deep Expressor (which I can’t do without :wink:).

In any case, congratulations again for your installation which is very well designed and thank you for your music which delights me.

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Thank you for your message. Why I’m not using MG2 - I have so many old Ableton setups - and my controlls will be lost by changing … but you are right. But why i’m not using MG2 in Gig Performer … when i activate the licence from MG2 the older Version is not running … so maybe about your message it will be time to move to MG2 :wink: thank you for your kind words.

Btw. I extend the setup for getting Midi Guitar now into the Global Rackspace and send MIDI OUT over OSC to the single Racks like MIDI IN OSC … thats really cool! Based on this tutorial Gig Performer | Using MIDI OSC blocks to send MIDI to the Global Rackspace

ps. Now with MIDI Guitar 2 - it does really much better tracking!

You can also try it standalone. There are several benefits:

  • It provides you with a virtual port which looks like a MIDI device. You just drop a MIDI In block for it and there you go - you have the exact functionality that you need.
  • It runs in a separate process which typically provides better performance.

Just make sure that you use the same sample rate in Gig Performer and MIDI Guitar settings.

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Thanks @npudar for mentioning standalone, I haven’t tried that in an age.

I have used up to 2 MidiGuitar blocks and 1 MidiBass in the same patch. An MG on both the Melody and Bass sides of the Stick, and an MB on the bass side to catch lower notes MG does not reach.
Similar to @tonycore explanation here Overcoming the low end range restriction of MIDI Guitar 2 with GP - #2 by wtapia
At one point I even had all the MidiGuitar and synths in a separate instance of GP to the Audio processing. (Now I actually use setlists in Setlist view this could be much easier to coordinate than before!)

Screenshot 2022-08-12 at 2.36.55 pm

This is not possible in standalone, but it is a use case I currently don’t need so I shall experiment :slight_smile:

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I misspoke
apparently this IS possible

Screenshot 2022-08-12 at 4.49.36 pm

Screenshot 2022-08-12 at 4.52.32 pm

and MidiBass seems to be working better. (Possibly the larger buffer size.)

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For more tips → [blog] Clever ways to optimize your plugin usage


Wo ist die Zeit? :slight_smile: