GP crashes when I want to save it

Hi specialists,

I have build a gig with an global rackspacke with multiple instruments.
I started it in GP4 and then changed to GP5.
If I want to save any changes it crashes.
If I try to export the global rackspace
and want to save it it crashes as well.

The gig is attached.
Can somebody try if its the same at his windows machine and or tell me what is wrong?

Global_die_nächste(3).gig (5.2 MB)


We need to see the crash report, not the gigfile

Try this one.
The only thing I did was open the file and save in GP5.
Global_die_nächste(4).gig (5.2 MB)

The only plugin I didn’t have was Halion, so if there continues to be a problem I would look there.

How to post a crash log on Windows

Attached the report. (25.9 KB)

This is the culprit: HALion 7.vst3

Can you confirm that if you disable this plugin that everything works properly?

I can not disable it, GP directly crashes.
I havent changed anything at/ in Halion since storing different versions of the gig.
The proble accures after the change/ saving from GP4 to GP5, as it seems.
It’s may a bit to easy to search for the failure at the third party plugin…

You disable it via the Plugin Manager while the gig file isn’t loaded.

If the issue is the gig file automatically loads, you stop this by holding down the shift key while GP loads.

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Here in the documentation you find how to disable a plugin


Temporary Startup Options


if I deactivate Halion I can save and close it normaly.

The whole gig is build arround Halion, what is causing the problem?
As mentioned before, this problem came suddenly, without changing anything in Halion.


I reactivated Halion and mapped the widgets again: now its working as it shold.

Thanks for the help! I hope this will not come back…
Cheers Flodder

There’s no magic — something had to have changed. But it does seem strange.

You can send the developer this crash report, so they can fix the issue.