[Gig] Neural DSP - Archetype: Cory Wong

A new version of the gig file for the great Archetype: Cory Wong plugin from Neural DSP!

The new version includes a fully featured cab-section and all three amp types are now included in one panel (as well as all the effects, EQ, etc…). This allows you to store any preset as a simple rackspace variation (i.e. load the plugin only once and have all the different sounds at hand).

To keep everything as neat as it can get @schamass used his scripting magic to change panel colors and show the widgets that are used for a certain amp and hide the others. He also used scripting to hide the “Cab-Type” selector when Cab-Amp-Linking is active.

Download: NDSP-Archetype Cory Wong(complete).gig (3.5 MB)

Credits: @schamass

Discussion thread: LINK