[Gig] NDSP: Archetype Cory Wong (complete)

Hi folks,
today i bring you some kind of an early Christmas gift… i just finished a new version of my gig file for the great “Archetype Cory Wong” plugin from Neural DSP!
The former version of this gig file used three separate rackspaces for the diffrent amp types and it generally lacked all the controls for the plugin’s cabinet section…
In the new version you can not only use a fully featured cab-section, all the three amp types are now included in one panel (as well as all the effects, eq, etc…). That way you can store any preset as a simple rackspace variation - load the plugin only once but have all the diffrent sounds at hand!
To keep everything as comfy as possible i used some “script-magic” to change panel colors and show the widgets that are used for a certain amp and hide the others. I also used scripting to hide the “Cab-Type” selector when Cab-Amp-Linking is active.
You will best notice the changes in the amp section when you move the “Amp-Selector” knob. :wink: :nerd_face:
So it’s only one rackspace but it changes the look of the amp section according to the selected amp-type:

Here is the gig file… have fun with it!
(I stored some of the maker’s presets as variations)
NDSP-Archetype Cory Wong(complete).gig (3.5 MB)


Marvellous! :slight_smile:
I’ll create a new thread in the Gig and Rackspace files tomorrow.

EDIT: done here.


Hey @schamass - this is great! I don’t actually have this plugin but I have lots of others and this is great inspiration.

Love the way you have re-used some real estate to show different things at different times using GPScript.

But I have a question about that! When you are building the layout, how do you do the ‘multilayer’ part. If we had the ability to group widgets then I could see how you could do each one somewhere else and then move the group into place but we don’t have that (yet?). I’m guessing you did something like this and dragged a selected group of widgets and hoped to get it right…?


Thanks for the kind words… yeah, it just was a lot of fiddly work which gave me some more gray hair… but i finally got everything somehow in place, and i like the result too.

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How did you load only one instance of the plugin but are able to change patches? I would like to do this with Helix Native, right now I have an instance of Helix Native for every patch :frowning:

Why is that an issue?


load times…I have 20 patches setup…

I also want to add some other guitar plugins like TH-U Premium and AmpBox/Reaxis,
which will make even more plugin instances and even more load times.

Why is that an issue?

Edit: I ask that seriously - when I set up on stage for a show, I hook everything up, start up the computer and it may take 2-5 minutes to load everything — then it’s done…I just do other stuff during that time.

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good question, well, currently I am still troubleshooting the crashing issue with my Helix Native rig lol,
so since I have to “reload” mid performance it is an issue. If my setup was running stable it would be far
less of an issue. P.S. I still have not been able to get my setup to crash at home. Shrugg. I have it up and
running right now and have been waiting for it to crash all weekend. Periodically I have been messing around
with the midi hoping to get it to crash but no go. I know it isn’t gig performer…I have a complex keyboard GP rig I used for 6 months and NEVER had any issues.

Also, sometimes at the church I play the power bblows…then I have to reboot ugh

This works with this specific rackspace design, because i mirrored each and every existing parameter of the plugin with its own widget! That way i can load a patch from the plugin, and all the parameter changes will set the widgtes accordingly… and because a variation (only!) stores the state of the widgets on the panel, i can do what i do… use variations to be like “real patches”.
But be aware that you won’t have seamless switching like you’d have if you’d use diffrent rackspaces instead of variations!

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Oh - you’re the user with the wifi turned on but not connected at a show?

oh, with Cory Wong, Amp Type is a parameter? Cooool!!

Yes that’s me! I have the wifi turned off now at home and “Forgot” the wifi SSID so that it cannot connect etc.

And have you noticed any difference?

Not only with Cory Wong… almost all the NDSP plugins are layed out very similar… just scroll through the parameters list… you might be surprised!

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No, I cannot get it to crash at home :frowning:
I have been trying for a few days now. I will continue to try to recreate the issue so I can get a crash dump to send you.

If the issue is what I suspected, then I would not expect it to crash with the wifi actually turned off — it needs to be turned on but not actually connected to anything

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Yes, understood. I have the wifi turned on, but not connected to any SSID.