[Gig] NDSP: Archetype Cory Wong (complete)

Hi folks,
today i bring you some kind of an early Christmas gift… i just finished a new version of my gig file for the great “Archetype Cory Wong” plugin from Neural DSP!
The former version of this gig file used three separate rackspaces for the diffrent amp types and it generally lacked all the controls for the plugin’s cabinet section…
In the new version you can not only use a fully featured cab-section, all the three amp types are now included in one panel (as well as all the effects, eq, etc…). That way you can store any preset as a simple rackspace variation - load the plugin only once but have all the diffrent sounds at hand!
To keep everything as comfy as possible i used some “script-magic” to change panel colors and show the widgets that are used for a certain amp and hide the others. I also used scripting to hide the “Cab-Type” selector when Cab-Amp-Linking is active.
You will best notice the changes in the amp section when you move the “Amp-Selector” knob. :wink: :nerd_face:
So it’s only one rackspace but it changes the look of the amp section according to the selected amp-type:

Here is the gig file… have fun with it!
(I stored some of the maker’s presets as variations)
NDSP-Archetype Cory Wong(complete).gig (3.5 MB)


Marvellous! :slight_smile:
I’ll create a new thread in the Gig and Rackspace files tomorrow.

EDIT: done here.