Get Current Song Part?

Hi all!

I am currently getting most of the info I need via OSC:

Song: /CurrentSongName
BPM: /CurrentBPM
Transpose: /CurrentGlobalTranspose

However, I am having a trouble getting the current song part.

Does anyone have the correct OSC path for current song part name/index?


The answer is /SelectSongPart.

Thanks David at Gig Performer for the extremely fast ~20 minute support ticket response time!

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Don’t forget the invaluable manual… :wink:


However some of these paths aren’t called out on the manual: /CurrentGlobalTranspose isn’t there, for example.

There is a /SetGlobalTranspose and a /GetGlobalTranspose, but I am using Open Stage Control and creating an OSC listener with the path of /CurrentGlobalTranspose. That listener then gets automatically updated by Gig Performer any time transpose changes.

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Welcome to the fabulous world of Gig Performer :wink:

If you monitor the OSC communication you will also learn a lot about what’s happening when doing this or that in GP. Here are a few ways to do it: