Control your guitar or keyboard effects from a Web browser

I’ve been slowly trying to learn Open Stage Control (quite a steep learning curve IMO when you move beyond the basics). This past weekend I’ve broken through a bit of a barrier, and managed to complete a few ideas I had for managing a setlist.

To do this required using a number of different features of Open Stage Control. I’m happy to share specifics if anyone’s interested.

Attached is the layout file and ‘custom module’. The custom module is where you can specify start-up actions and OSC input/output filters or actions. I’ve used it send out requests to GP for the song list when it starts, and also do calculate the song count and song part count, which I use in the main layout. (9.4 KB)

Refer below to my setup screen. The OSC address/ports will need to match what’s in GP Options.
I have set ‘debug’ to true, as it displays all the incoming and outgoing OSC messages in the console at the bottom of the window.