Control your guitar or keyboard effects from a Web browser

Here’s a new blog article:

Feel free to post here your Layouts with Open Stage Control :slight_smile:

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Great post - Have recently found Open Stage Control and have started to use it in preference to Lemur. Really impressed with it and love that it’s device agnostic - (not strictly GP, but related!) we use various backing tracks and one ‘issue’ has always been allowing some of the other members of the band who could do with being able to control the tracks not being able to easily. Some have iPads, but mostly non-Apple devices so using Lemur was a bit of a pain. Open Stage Control sorts that perfectly and (once I’ve got it all set up…) will allow each of them to have a display of what’s going on and be able to control Live with it.

For myself, the display will be able to show whats going on in Live and GP and means I can actually banish my laptop to the back of the stage rather than having it next to me - I control everything via a foot controller (guitar player) and having Open Stage Control as a ‘HUD’ for all info is much nicer than having a laptop next to me!


Thank you for this. I had previously tried Open Stage Control before to only limited success. I still can’t wrap my head around which port number goes where, so your screenshots helped!

But are you missing the steps of entering the OSC name “knob1” in the GP widget settings and ticking the “Enable OSC” option?

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Thank you!

This blog article builds on the previous one (OSCAR), I mentioned that in this article :slight_smile:

I strongly recommend that everyone reads the previous OSC article first, there are lots of references there, and I paid great attention to explain everything. This way OSC basics are completed.

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