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Computer: Dell Optiplex 5000 ; CPU: 12th Gen i7-12700 ; RAM: 64 GB ; OS: Windows 10 Pro.

Issue: severe CPU spikes, every 10-15min → bad real-time performance.

The cause: Dell-related pre-installed services/applications.

The solution:

a) disable/uninstall these services:

  • Dell Data Vault Collector
  • Dell Data Vault Processor
  • Dell Data Vault Service API
  • Dell SupportAssist
  • Dell SupportAssist Remediation
  • DellTechHub

b) uninstall these Dell applications:

  • Dell Digital Delivery
  • Dell Digital Delivery Services
  • Dell Optimizer
  • Dell Optimizer Service

< solved >


Happy readers of the e-book :slight_smile:

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Users that have E cores will find this very interesting - a VST3 plugin NoThrottle. → LINK

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