First summer tour with Gig Performer

The “other” software totally retired from my life as GP has totally stolen my show.

I cannot be more pleased with the swap, so far…

Totally stable. Technical possibilities are limitless and I haven’t even got my head stuck in to the very depths of the software. Just assigned VSTs to my keyboards and went out there and played… That’s what we all want, isn’t it?

This is my daily office around Spain.

Have a great summer everyone


Learn more about Miguel in this interview


Thanks for the mention @npudar .
Much appreciated

When i saw the first picture (big screen with the green soccer lawn) and then scrolled down to the next pics and saw the green background of your rackspace, i thought you were about to be watching soccer while playing. :smiley: :laughing:
Nice setup, btw! And it seems that it was quite a cool gig, at least it was a big venue!
Very nice! :sunglasses: :+1:


Funny you should say that. On the Keyboard Players in Cover Bands FB group, I just

saw this photo a few minutes ago


One has to set priorities, it seems… :smiley:

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Best photo ever :wink:

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Where is that location? It looks amazing.

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Don’t know….had seen the comment here, and almost immediately afterwards, I saw that photo and just copied it.
I’m still waking up. Have been away at a wedding all weekend.

Amazing tight band using all the latest gear, everyone had IEMs, etc. Incredibly tight playing.

Marred only by the worst room EQ I have ever experienced in my life along with volume levels that often exceeded 100dB.

Many of us spent much of the evening outside the main room!

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When you think that a keyboard player is moved by a song - nope - his team lose :crazy_face:


Did they have a FOH man?

Yes, he was walking about the room with an iPad

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You can argue about taste :wink:

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You could but I had a dB meter and spectrum analyzer app so these were objective measurements.


OK, understand.

Haha… No. I don’t like football, tbh… Spain was playing against i don’t know what team and the crowd wanted to watch it on a large screen before the start of the gig.

That stage is what we travel with all summer.

It’s a 40 foot trailer that carries all our gear and transforms into the stage you see… it’s my summer office :wink:

Thanks. My rig is very quick to set up and it’s all at hand. Very practical.


Oh! How funny! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Very impressive, @Miguel !

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Thanks, @edm11 .

Here, in our region of Spain, our setup is a very humble setup compared to some of the larger bands.

There’s one particular band that runs around in a coach and 5 40 foot trailers.

They join 3 trailers together to make a large stage and the other 2 are for technical gear, instruments etc etc.

We only have 1 trailer and everything is lugged around inside…
Very basic.

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But, probably already very expensive… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: