Feature Request: Take Automatic backup's of the project while editing

Am new to GP and I was testing out GP on windows and posted multiple question on this forum regarding the question raised while testing all my use cases.
Was still in the process the project freezes, so i had to kill the process and restart it.
Am was scared if the hard worked data will get lost while doing lot of testing… so an automatic backup of project files (same like cubase does) should be implemented in GP.

Thank you.

You wouldn’t want GP to be auto saving backups while you are performing, so there would need to be some rules as to what would trigger a backup to be saved.

Exiting Panel ‘Edit’ mode could be one trigger.
Adding/duplicating a rackspace could be another.

… just some thoughts.

Correct, not while doing live sessions. Backups only needed when editing/creating projects for a live session.

I think that’s a bad good idea. GP cannot know if you are in the process of editing/testing a gig file project or if you are playing a gig with it.

May be an option to switch ON/OFF live mode will be helpful to identifying when to take backup and when not.
Just a suggestion only, not a critical feature if GP doesn’t corrupt its project file in a bad circumstance and loses all user settings.

Never heard about that. When I am trying crazy GPScript, I usually save my work before. But, I would never activate an auto-save option that I could forget to disable before a gig.

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Yep, I want to totally control when I am backing up anything. (I don’t even like automatic backup in Word.)

Saving manually literally takes 2 keystrokes.
Saving a new iteration takes 3.

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While I’ve never seen a corrupt gig file generated, one often wants to return to a previous version.

On Mac, people use Time Machine which supports file versioning and one can just go back to previous versions with that. At a show, I don’t connect the portable drive where Time Machine saves versions so there’s no impact.

On Windows, I believe there’s something called File Versioning which may do something similar.

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File History. Please see this tip: [tip] File History and gig files

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I’m a fan of “increment and save” which would be worth a look at integrating.

It’s simliar to Save As… and doesn’t replace that but it’s a way to take a file name like “My File 01” and in one step save it as “My File 02”. It simply increments the version token and Saves As in one step resultilng in that new incremental version to the be active open project.

Cubase DAW does something similar. Incase a crash happens, next time the project is loaded, it prompts to load the project from the latest backup it took (but we have the option to cancel the prompt also and load the original file). If we go with cubase prompt latest project, then the original project will be renamed and the latest backup took by cubase will be set as the current project.
In Cubase this backup mechanism can be a real life saver to engineers where time is money.
Cubase too can crash especially when loading some 3rd party plugins, so when the app exits we may not get the flexibility to save any recent changes, but cubase backup may have saved it, helping us to recover our latest changes when loading the project next time.

The selected ones are the original cubase project files, the .bak ones are the backup’s cubase takes internally to manage data loss issue.

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