Everythings great, just one thing with Sample Modeling

I love the sample modeling and swam saxes, the problem is, they take a second to load, meanwhile, i send an instant cc 11 to them to make them work instantly, because they need this before they can make sound, the message gets there, but they haven’t loaded yet, when they do load there’s no sound, could you build a feature into GP that automaticly sends cc 11,(or whatevers needed) when the plug initiates? I’m sure there’s other people who would find that feature very useful, or maybe make a script for it?

You could write a script with an on Activate event so send that cc message.

When you search the forum you should find this - this shows the way you could do it.

yeh, script stuff is so way beyond me, unless someone made one for me to insert, i’d have no chance, and maybe not even then, twould be a handy feature thu in GP

I am quite sure that your requirement will not be implemented as it already is possible with a quite simple script.
You should really look at scripting.
Believe me it opens up a horizon of possibilities.

i will never understand that any more than i’ll understand chinese, i did type in the script you gave him, but it doesn’t like MIN for some reason

var MIN : MidiInBlock
n : Integer
cn : ControlChangeMessage

on NoteEvent(m : NoteMessage) from MIN
n = GetNoteNumber(m)

if n == E3 then
cn = MakeControlChangeMessage(80, 127)
SendNow(MIN, cn)

In your case this script does not what you need, it is only an example.
You have to give you midi in plugin the gpscript name MIN
The the script can be compiled

i changed 80 to 11 and 127 to 119

var MIN : MidiInBlock
cn : ControlChangeMessage

on Activate
cn = MakeControlChangeMessage(80, 127)
SendNow(MIN, cn)

you meen a preset name? how do i name the plugin?

Take a look at this

You will find very useful basic information

now i’m even more confused, is there a youtube video that teaches your average idiot how to make this work?

Right click the midi in block
In the popup menu you should find an entry to set the handle and activate it for gp script.

i only found one on youtube and it’s in german :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

i named Kontakt MIN, what do i name the midid in block?

or should i have only named the midi in block MIN?

Not kontakt!

Midi in block connected to kontakt must be named MIN.
The script does not send midi messages to a vst plugin, it sends to a midi in block.

yup, got that, i just went to copy the script and erased it from the editior, is there a place i can find it and copy it?

I do not understand.
Just copy my last script and paste it into your script window.

not easy to get it from an ipad to gp in windows, i’ll just retype it

i do believe it’s working, awesome man :slight_smile: