Read this before you start using GPScript!


Using GPScript is fun and opens up a lot of possibilities.
Read the following 5 tips before you start and you’ll become a GPScript expert in no time!

  1. Right click on the script editor and use the “Auto declare blocks and widgets” option. It will automatically add all your script enabled blocks and widgets. You can click on this any time and it will update the declarations properly.
  2. Use the provided code templates. From the same right-click menu select “Insert a code template” and pick the category/template. There are full code examples in there to get you started!
  3. Use the TAB key! After you insert your template you will see sections of the code that need to be modified with your variables or code. The first one will be automatically highlighted for you so you can just start typing. Pressing the TAB key will automatically select/highlight the next block and you can simply start typing again!
  4. Use the Code Helper! You can’t possibly remember all of the GPScript functions so simply start typing the function name and press SHIFT+CMD+SMPACE (replace CMD with CTRL on Windows) or press the second button in the top left corner to show the code helper. It will list all the functions starting with the text you typed in and as you type - it will update itself. Use the Up/Down keys to select the function and press enter to insert the function into your code.
  5. Use the documentation. Get the PDF manual and bookmark the Regularly updated system function list

Please understand however that Deskew Technologies, LLC cannot not provide any formal support for script programming. We cannot help to write your scripts and we cannot help you to debug your scripts.