Erik Schütz

Erik is perhaps the finest example of “Deutsche Tugenden” - perhaps he completes them even more with his many talents! A wonderful person, superb Gig Performer beta tester, outstanding scripter, keyboard player and remarkable photographer (and that is just a short list :slight_smile: ).

For those who missed the episode with Erik, I suggest that you watch it:

… and here are some photos of his setup and Gig Performer in Action! :slight_smile:



He developed a significant number of eye-candy Gig and Rackspace files, but that is not a surprise if you check his work with photography. Just look where @schamass is credited! :slight_smile:

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I missed to include these YouTube videos :slight_smile: So, check out Erik’s YouTube channel.

  • How to copy a Script from one rackspace to another → YT
  • How to make an old rackspace work again → YT