Audioplayer panel (using GPScript)

Hi folks,

since there are regularly questions about how to do this and that with the audioplayer plugin, i thought i could share this rackspace with you (it lied “hidden” in another thread of another sub forum).
So why not bring it back to live at the right place…

This is how the panel looks like:

And these are the functions:

  • switch which lets you change from single to multi track play (switching to “multi” disables the “radio mode”)
  • button to enable/disable the loop mode
  • button to stop / reset the counter position (while in loop mode, it just jumps back to start and starts playing again)
  • button to play / pause
  • button to open/close the player
  • switch to activate the “radio mode” (means, the track buttons act as radio buttons. While playing is active the selected track will start playing from the beginning). This can only be active in “single track” mode!
  • 8 buttons to select the track(s) that is played

Many of these functions can only be realized by using GPScript, so there is a bunch of code lines working in the background (find the code in the rackspace-script editor).

audioplayer_V4.rackspace (252.8 KB)

Maybe this is useful for some of you… have fun with it! :slight_smile:



Could a Function be added to set start and stop markers for looping?

I will have a look, later this day… i think that should be doable.

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I just had a closer look at it and unfortunately it isn’t that easy as i first thought it was… i thought there were separate parameters for a loop-start and loop-end marker, but obviously there aren’t.
@dhj : please consider this as a feature request (if it isn’t already in the queue).
So i’ll have to find a way first to translate the time-string to a parameter value (and vice versa) and a way to test if the playhead reached a particular value of those imaginary markers… and it all has to be useable as well… we’ll see.

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