Karaoke session with GP4

On last Saturday’s night we had a little Karaoke session with some members of our choir… nothing “big” and nothing very “fancy”, but a bunch of people having a great time and a nice party!
I used Gig Performer to have two independent vocal chains with separate settings for compressor, EQ and FX (chorus, delay, reverb), while the audio signal of the video player (VLC or a browser = Youtube) was internally fed into a virtual cable.
That way i could use a mixer block to finally balance the output of those three sources.
The widgets were connected to the knobs of my little Behringer X-Touch Mini, so i could easily set the volumes.
I used two monitors of which one showed the video and the other showed the GP-panel.
All went absolutely smooth with no issues on the technical side - musically, it depended on the talent of the particular singers. :rofl: :grimacing:


You need to add a pitch correction plugin to GP

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Not sure… for a change :wink:

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Well… I’d say our choir is not the very worst, to be honest, we sing quite nicely (most songs)…
But you’d be surprised how badly some of them fail when they stand in front of a microphone and have to sing solo, while in the group they sing absolutely ok.

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So, finally you are right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


… and @schamass then switches to a different rackspace with a little bit of Auto-Tune and Owns The Karaoke ® :joy:


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shhh Don’t tell the people! :rofl:

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:notes: And then she asks me, “Do I sing alright?”
And I say, “Yes, you sing wonderful tonight”:notes: