Custom button colors in GP Selector extension

@ztones I’m leaning towards having a strip of color on the left edge of the button. Having them completely colored makes it harder picking out the selected button.

I could also remove the ‘matching word’ from the song part name to save space e.g. ‘CTI Funk Clean’ would have the word ‘Clean’ removed as it was the search word specified in the prefs file.
(The colors would be set in an external file).


Is it because the button color always overrides the selected color? Can it be the other way around?

The color strip works too. I’m just wondering, if the selected button color could override the base color, and therefore the color strip was not taken up space, could the text be pushed even further left?

I appreciate the matching word removal, but that’s something I’m adding in when add these sounds a song parts. I just would simply not add that if the color coding was implemented.

Great stuff! I already used it last night! :slight_smile:

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I believe that you and @Angel are pioneers in using Gig Performer extensions live :slight_smile:

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The color coding relies on a word from the song part name to match on. So it would still need you to include them in the song part name.

Oh! Gotcha! Very interesting. Kinda makes sense actually. :slight_smile:

Whoo hoo! What do I win? :wink:


You win a free Gig Performer in Action thread! :innocent:


Opinion time :slight_smile:

When colouring the entire button like this:

Should the selected button be the same default style (grey), or should it keep the custom colour and use the white border to indicate it is selected (or some other indicator)?

My vote: keep the custom color + use the white thick border.


Very nice, do you have an option to expand/collapse the rackspace to display all variation all the time. currently with GP, we cannot access directly, say a Rhodes rackspace with Chorus variation, but we have to first access the Rhodes rackspace which will eventually switch to the unwanted Phaser variation before you can switch to the Chorus one. If the expand option is activated, the rackspace title box could even be reduced in height to indicate that it is not selectable.

EDIT: sorry, I just noticed that you are displaying songs and not rackspaces/variations…

This works for rackspaces as well. With the immediate switching option turned off, you can select a different rackspace and it will not activate until you touch the variation you choose.

If the white highlight can be much thicker, that gets my vote. Otherwise might be leaning towards the gray.

So two touches on the screen to finally switch to the rackspace/variation, right?

Yes, with that option enabled

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@ztones @npudar I have a version with the custom button colors for you to test.

GPSelectorPrefs.txt (196 Bytes) (711.9 KB) (5.2 MB)

  • The preferences text file should be added to the extensions folder.
  • You can change the various true/false flags in the prefs file to set the default behaviour of the extension.
  • The option RemoveColorKeywordFromName will remove the keyword you use in the Colors section from the variation or song part name.
  • Use the Panel widgets to find the color codes. Transparency won’t be needed, so the first two characters should always be “FF” (which is the alpha/transparency setting).
  • Switching between Panels view and Setlist view will reload the prefs file, if you are testing/changing things in the file.
ZeroBasedNumbers = false
ImmediateSwitching = true
LargeScrollArea = false
RemoveColorKeywordFromName = true

Clean = FF346573
Crunch = FFBF6509
Lead = FF960303
HiG = FF960303

Truly outstanding work! Thank you so much for this! One can even add more colors by defining more key words. Amazing! I can tell the color coding is going to make it much easier to find the right tones/patches. I’m going to try it live tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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As long as you have enough time to test it :slight_smile:
I did make an error that broke the ‘Toggle Immediate Switching’. The download links above have been updated.

Please test extensively. Try to break it :slight_smile:
I will, too.


This “Toggle immediate switching” is very clever! :slight_smile:

I noticed when I create a new variation or rename rackspace/variation that the extension doesn’t update its list.

That is the reason why the refresh icon is there :wink:

It’s to do with the callbacks - when adding a new song/part, the callback about the change happens before you enter the name. And then there isn’t a callback for when a name is entered/changed.

I have spoken with @dhj about a new callback. I will think about it and put in a request.

I can probably do a workaround - will take a look.

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