"Create New Song" dialogue freezes

I also tested the procedure form @Markus and could’nt reproduce. Everything works properly.

I uninstalled Notron AV. The Issue is still the same.

It is Windows 10, Version 21H1 (Build 19043.1165)
I dont know SmartScreen. It seems to be a feature of the windows defender which was disabled and replaced by Norton AV on my System. So I guess SmartScreen was not active on my system.
I uninstalled Norton AV 30 minutes ago.
I will restart in save mode now and repeat the test.

In save mode the issue has gone and GP works fine.

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But if you think about tips and solution please remember that each time the “Create New Song” dialogue freezes, the CPU load increases to a full 1-core load (1 of 6 = 17%). This indicates more a thread is actively forever wating for something rather than a process beeing blocked from gui input by other external processes.

If in Safe Mode GP runs normally, then 100% is problem in a program/module/library that loads automatically in the Normal startup mode.

I recommend upgrading your Windows to the latest build.

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When I create another GP instance and do a “Create New Song” within this new instance everything is fine, no dialog freezing.

I do Windows Update frequently (system asks me if update is available) and today I also forced an update manually. But issue is still the same.

OK, since your issue is not present in Safe mode, I suggest (as djogon posted earlier) to optimize your PC in detail; please see this guide:
Link: "Create New Song" dialogue freezes - #39 by djogon

I think there’s no question that if GP works fine in Safe Mode, then something else is running or is being loaded as part of the normal boot-up process that is interfering though I have no idea what it would be.

I checked the “optimize your PC…” guide. For the first part which is BIOS settings my BIOS does provude no such options to disable.

Apart from that I disabled VT-d and VT-x in BIOS since I do not use any virtual machines. Issue still the same.

The only thing which I have added to the autostart is Google for Desktop. I will remove an check!

I don’t have idea either, but disabling/uninstalling unnecessary stuff may actually solve the issue.

For example, in my experience HP computers come with many bundled apps that can cause many issues. I tend to remove them all and keep it as clean as possible.

Ok thanks for all your help! I disabled everything in autostart but issue still the same.

The autostart is just a tiny part of what Windows actually starts up during a normal boot procedure. There are dozens of services and other applications that can be started from many places.

As we established that in Safe mode everything works fine - it is definitely some software / service that is doing this. Unfortunately we can’t help you with trying to find out what it is, but I suggest using the task manager fist and see what’s running, then shut things down one by one and if you still have thew issue - start shutting down services that are not essential. This should definitely yield the offender.


You might check in Task Manager for any processes (or applications) which begin with “cc” (e.g., “ccApp”). If you do find one or more, then Stop them (‘End Process’…they will disappear from Task Manager); then do a search in the Windows Registry for “ccApp” and “Norton”, and delete those keys and components. Next, delete the ccApp file (et al) from your HDD. (You might have to reboot prior to deletion to ‘unprotect’ the files.)

Any of the above still on your system is an indicator that Norton 360 Antivirus was not fully uninstalled. Also, you might as well repeat the process to rid yourself of Google for Desktop. (In my experience, anything Google, even just the browser, is resource hungry.)

Hope this helps,


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Thanks for your detailed tips! But there is no process, no registry entry and no file on SDDs/HDDs named “ccApp*.*”. There is a class named IMobileBroadbandUiccApp in registry but this for sure is not what you mean.

There are a couple of Norton MRUCache entries and some Norton.com Domain infos but this should not cause any effect on my issue.

Indeed I have GoogleDesktop installed but not running during my tests. I even killed the crash handlers and tested but issue is still the same.


A great tool for troubleshooting is Process Explorer.

You can easily see what processes are active, track down their threads, and even break them down to the handle level.


This problem is solved.

The issue is that OSC was configured on the main instance so that both sending and receiving IP addresses and ports were the same.

So when he tried to create a new song, the OSC system ended up in an infinite loop


Wow, great troubleshooting!


Yes really excellent and fast support! Thanks so much @dhj

May be this could be prohibited in future version. I got this tip of local loopback configuration from someone else for scripting communication btw. local and gloabl rackspace message transmitters/handlers which worked fine not beeing aware that this might cause an iternal issue in GP.