"Create New Song" dialogue freezes

When you start there seems to be something stuck there as the little LEDs at the bottom are not lighting up as they do when you select to close all windows.

If you do the “Close all windows” like you do in the video and then don’t exit GP, but try to create a new song again - does that work?

I can repeat this without closing GP multiple times but always the same issue.

Can you please try the following:

  1. Open Gig Performer
  2. Make the main window as small as possible
  3. Move the GP main window to a corner of your screen as opposed to leaving it in the middle
  4. Now try your operation again — I want to see if there’s a system modal popup dialog appearing in the middle of your screen

By the way, do you have an anti-virus program or any other kind of program that can “interfere” with Windows, such as one of those key macro programs, etc

I tried this using different corners on both displays but no other dialogues showed up anywhere.
I use Norton 360 Antivirus. I disabled Norton but still the same issue

All I can suggest at this point is to close your apps that are running in the background one by one and see if one of those is interfering. I’d start with your anti-virus

I disabled all I can in Norton (Auto-Protect and Intelligent Firewall). And there are no other Applications running in Backgroung. Of course there are many processes and services running in backgournd but no apps. When I close GP and the browser I use to communicate here in this Comminuty and then start taskmanager, then taskmanager is the only app listed in tab “processes”.

What if you open one of the templates or select the button to start with an empty gig?

When I start GP and select Keyboard template “Piano, Organ, Stage” then it loads. Then as soon as I click on button “Setlists” the GP main window freezes and CPU usage of GigPerformer.exe jumps up to 17% which means it is running “full time” on one core (Hex core i9)

In the meantime I did the same test in my older GP3 3.8.1 installation. When I create a new Song in GP3 I get a very simmilar issue. I can enter a Songname and click “OK” button. Then this “Song Name” dialogue closes, cpu jumps to 17% and main window freezes.

During the last weeks I have reported audio clicks in Keyscape which encountered after the latest keyscape update. I’m in contact with Spectrasonics Support and since the last 4 weeks, I followed a lot of tests they asked me to do like up and downdating Keyscape and Omnisphere many times. Could this interfere with GP since I use these plugins in GP?

There must be something specific on your system. GP3 has been around for years - someone else would have reported this by now.

Btw. the high CPU load looks like it is not any other modal dialogue. This looks more like a deadlock situation?

Yes I think so

Out of real ideas here, but maybe try to unplug your network and disable WiFi. Let’s see if networking has something to do with it.

I have WIfi deactivated anyway and disconnected Ehternet and all external USB devices but still the same issue and CPU usage.
Ok so it seems I have a very specific issue. But thanks for all you kind support and suggestions!! Really a fast and great support!!

I’d really like to know what this is :slight_smile: Please let us know if you figure something out.
Some things to try:

  • Remove any window, key or other “managers/helpers”
  • If you installed any kind of software that hijacks normal Windows behaviour and controls your windows usage like the start menu, windows etc… uninstall it
  • Update everything on your computer. Windows and drivers

Not really that helpful I know, but keep us posted.

Thank you so much for still beeing interested even if it seems to be an issue very specific to my system.

I purchased this laptop for playing VST iunstruments only and nothing else. So beside GigPerformer and some VSTi (Spectrasonic, VB3II, Blue3), the Office tools (for setlist management and creating leadsheets) and this Norton Antivirus I did not install anything else worth to mention. Especially no hacks and cracks, no Autohotkey or whatever managers/helpers. Windows and drivers are always up to date.

What about to just uninstall and reinstall GP?

I’d remove Norton AV entirely and see how that goes.

Try to follow the recommendations in our free book on how to optimize Windows pc for stage

Maybe that will resolve things.

What is your Windows version? (hold Win key and press “R” to open the Run dialog and then type WINVER and press Enter).

I’m interested to see what happens in Safe mode.
Are you able to enter Safe Mode, run Gig Performer and see if your problem is still there?

Please try that first.

As for security options:

  • Try to turn off SmartScreen (see the guide that @djogon posted)
  • Add Gig Performer (the whole folder) in the white list or the exception list in Norton (I’d also try to uninstall it to see what happens).


I’m on Windows 10, and have made songs/setlists hundreds of times, all good. I’ve never seen this behavior.