Connection to audio interface failed

I am using GP 4 with a win10 notebook . I had no troubles over the last month.

At home I am using a RME babyface pro and and with the band I use the Soundcraft Ui24R direct. All rehursals and tests are fine. The setlist was about 100 songs. Gigperformer is using about 9 GB RAM in a 16 GB System.

At the end of a gig (3 hours) suddenly the connection to the audio interface failed, the screen turned to red and a harsh buzzer sound with +12db filled the whole room.

So I just grab the USB and pulled it, so the noise was gone.

Have anybody an idea what kind of problem this was? How can I debug that?

When an RME looses its computer, it keeps the mix as it works standalone. But I have no idea what happens for the Ui24R… :thinking:

That is not cool… some power surge? Do you have some protection? an active UPS?
I’m on macosx, I do have a UI24R but don’t use it much as an Audio interface.

In the daily business I am working in the IT Security and I Setup UPS and failover system.

In my hobby I do not want to install the whole bunch of technic. The Notebook is an UPS for itself. The UI24R and the Amp are in one rack, when this fails, the band is off.

I will see it on different gig within the next weeks. If the fails often , I have to change the setup

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Are your power options properly set? (USB suspension, power plans, …). And all update mechanisms turned off?

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Yes I’m familiar with this type of thing happening unfortunately. It is your physical connection. Could be the USB ports or the cable. Clean the ports with DeOxit and change your cable to another, high quality USB cable.

What an « high quality USB cable » is, is a question of its own… Is it high quality because it is expensive ? Because it has five stars on Amazon ? Because it has a fancy description ? Because it worked on your rig up to now ? Each time I had to change the USB cable between my audio interface and computer I was scared about it, because yes, I already had USB cable issues. The only issues I had with my RME audio interface… :grimacing:


Maybe it’d be best to buy cables for this purpose (music gear) in shops who are specialized on this kind of stuff (music gear) - and then take the user reviews in account, because chances are good that those users might have the same commitment to quality when it is about using the cables in a musicians environment (not jus connecting a printer or such).

Maybe a bad example: Printers are really problematic devices. I would use good cables for printers as well, just to get that out of the equation. But I get your point :grinning:

I actually never had cable issues with printers so far, while audio devices were quite picky sometimes.
But yeah, i guess it’s clear what i wanted to say.


I’ve bought cables claiming to be specifically made for midi and audio transmission only to fail me.
Now I just go by cable thickness. I avoid thin cables.

I also use an Ui24R in band-context. I’ve learned from some other communities, and by own experience, that the Ui24R USB audio interface and the internal power supply for USB is designed quite poor.

I also had USB failures in the beginnig, because of mains issues (switching on/off power of the rehearsal room fridge, guitar amps, neon lights etc.) and some grounding issues (e.g. plugging active speaker wedges while running…)

What I did was inserting an USB isolator ( and a UPS on mains (

No more problems since then!


One option I have looked at before for cables and connectors are items marketed as “military grade”. Usually from smaller companies that won defense department contracts.

I had a guitarist buddy of mine that had a kill/mute momentary switch installed on his guitar to be able to get some quick volume cuts by tapping the button.

Never gave him a problem.

It’s not just the cable - in many cases it is the connectors that go bad, get slightly loose, etc.

I use Neutrik USB connectors myself - they’re rock solid - haven’t had an issue in 12 years of using them!

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I exclusively use Neutrik for audio, but do you have a reference of USB cables with Neutrik connectors?

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For example,

My keyboard technician made up my cables but you can buy them, they’re probably quite expensive though - but reliability was worth it.

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Ah, I see, that’s really serious quality, but it’s only suitable for a Neutrik socket I guess. Impossible to use them with regular USB equipment. I can’t connect my audio interface and my PC with this kind of cable.

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What I did (with help) was build a small 19” traveling rack inside of which is (among other things) my audio interface and several powered USB hubs. But those hubs are just connected with short USB cables to the back side of neutrik USB sockets and they stay permanently connected inside the rack on a back panel. The USB cables that run to my keyboards have neutrik connectors on one end and they plug into the back panel connectors. The other ends have the square connectors only and plug into my controllers.

The audio interface is permanently connected inside the rack.


Thanks for that info I will change my Setup in that kind. I own an USB isolater for Raspberry and Arduino projects. So I will test it on the music equipment.

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I own an USB isolater for Raspberry and Arduino projects. So I will test it on the music equipment

Keep in mind, that you need an isolator for USB 2.0 HiSpeed (480MBit) - Most isolators are only FullSpeed (12MBit)! The Ui24R is on HiSpeed…

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