[blog] How to use BandHelper with Gig Performer

In this guest article written by Ray Myers (@TicoRicoRay ) learn how to use BandHelper with Gig Performer.

Link: Gig Performer | How to use BandHelper with Gig Performer [guest article]

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If you have any ideas that you would like to share with us as a guest blog, feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

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I think that this is really a great article. Thank you Ray for sharing this with us! :beers:


Does this app make it possible to display scores?

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Yes, you can attach lead sheets (say) in PDF: BandHelper: Attaching Documents


This is a great article and with the release of 4.5 as now there are two big benefits.

  • The “All Songs” Setlist PC numbers can be permanently assigned so that you can create setlist that retain the numbers. This is critical for BNandhelper where you have already assigned a PC number for each song.

  • By doing this, the setlist you create in GP can take advantage of the predictive loading feature as it can be ordered appropriately without losing the PC numbers.

Bandhelper is an essential element for me and my band and I was looking for a way to integrate with GP and I think they have solved it now. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback. All feedback is useful for future readers :beers:

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Great blog article!

I use a quite similar setup with OnSong. I had the chance to pick an unlimited version with MIDI in the past when starting the whole thing with MainStage and never changed this when porting everything to GP…

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Ray apparently quit using the Bluetooth connection. See here why.

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This is true - I had Bluetooth fail on me - probably due to excessive Texas heat - I use wires to connect everything now.

how are you physically connecting your ipad to the GP computer in order to have bandhelper change the rackspace for you? Do you need the usb camera kit dongle? or is it possible with just a lighting to USB-type A cable?

I typically use a camera kit to lightning to USB type B connector to connect to the host. But usb hubs dont have USB type B jacks.

I bought a dongle on Amazon that has power and USB A. I was able to make it work with Bluetooth as well, but that can be more unreliable, so I went with a hardware solution

Apple Certified Lightning Male to… Amazon.com

Does this bring you a MIDI USB connection? :thinking:

thats the camera kit adapter.
I currently use that dongle to connect my bandhelper ipad to my korg kronos and it works flawlessly. But if I use it to connect the ipad to my surface pro (GP), the laptop doesnt recognize the ipad or bandhelper.

It does

I have 3 of them because I’m a control freak :slight_smile:

Hmmm - I’m using a Macbook pro - but USB should be USB? Not sure. There may be other adaptors out there that work better.

It don’t know how it works on a Mac, but I am pretty sure Win won’t start an USB MIDI port natively when connecting an iPad via the camera kit.

In this forum we talked about the TouchOSC Bridge which could do the job, but I didn’t test it.

Another solution could to use an Ethernet adapter for iPad and install rtpMIDI on the PC.

thank you for all the help.
I loaded bonjour on my laptop, but still no success. I will look into the ethernet adapter for ipad with rtpMIDI solution.
It’s worth a try.

If that doesnt work, I may have to migrate to a mac.

I use the WIDI Uhost and it works flawlessly.

Connect it to your laptop and connect the iPad to it wirelessly.