[blog] How to use BandHelper with Gig Performer

In this guest article written by Ray Myers (@TicoRicoRay ) learn how to use BandHelper with Gig Performer.

Link: Gig Performer | How to use BandHelper with Gig Performer [guest article]


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If you have any ideas that you would like to share with us as a guest blog, feel free to contact me :slight_smile:


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I think that this is really a great article. Thank you Ray for sharing this with us! :beers:

Does this app make it possible to display scores?

Yes, you can attach lead sheets (say) in PDF: BandHelper: Attaching Documents

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This is a great article and with the release of 4.5 as now there are two big benefits.

  • The โ€œAll Songsโ€ Setlist PC numbers can be permanently assigned so that you can create setlist that retain the numbers. This is critical for BNandhelper where you have already assigned a PC number for each song.

  • By doing this, the setlist you create in GP can take advantage of the predictive loading feature as it can be ordered appropriately without losing the PC numbers.

Bandhelper is an essential element for me and my band and I was looking for a way to integrate with GP and I think they have solved it now. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the feedback. All feedback is useful for future readers :beers:

Great blog article!

I use a quite similar setup with OnSong. I had the chance to pick an unlimited version with MIDI in the past when starting the whole thing with MainStage and never changed this when porting everything to GPโ€ฆ