ASUS laptop getting pops/cracks

In case it could be helpful, I had a similar issue when I first started using GP: Inexplicable audio dropouts/popping sounds only in Gig Performer 4 - #14 by nodrog
It ended up being due to having my audio interface enabled as an audio device for system sounds (although I had disabled it, it reverted at some point).
I also have an asus laptop that totally crapped out after the most recent BIOS update and had to downgrade to the previous one. My laptop is a TUF A15.
Best of luck!

Long shot here, but is your laptop plugged in or are you on battery power? My Lenovo has some factory hard coded power setting that is hidden and performs better plugged in. Sometimes when i get pops and clicks all I have to do is plug in the AC charger and CPU drops, pops go away.

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