A massive "well done" to Brett Pontecorvo

I’d like to say a massive "well done" and bravo! to @BPontecorvo who rebuilt the whole “Backstage with Gig Performer” show on an entirely new streaming platform with less than 24hrs notice before today’s livestream.

You are the consummate professional and are entirely unflappable… either that or you hide it extremely well!


Brett is an Excellent presenter for GP


Thanks for the shout out @DaveBoulden - It’s much appreciated. I have the luxury of interviewing people who make what I do an absolute pleasure (even when the tech needs to be flip flopped with little notice!)

And a wonderful episode today. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your set up!


Hi Dave. I really enjoyed the show and I like your setup very much.
What PC do you use and in what configuration? (you mentioned i7 processor).
Is it a Lenovo ThinkStation P360 Tiny Workstation?
What brand and size of monitor do you use?
It seems like a 7 inches would fit nicely on top of the keyboard. It is what you’re using?
Thank you very much in advance!

This great thread will answer many questions: Dave Boulden

( After I shared it on the GP Facebook group and wrote that many magazines dream about these quality articles, a couple of them re-shared Dave’s thread :slight_smile: )

Oooh, really? Which ones?

@FouxVentur I’ll answer your questions on my Gig Performer in Action post and tag you so that you see it.