Zenology issues

Hi, anybody here using Zenology (Roland Cloud) with GP? I do, or did, since GP4 will not accept Zenology. It fail and in plug-in manager is listed as failed plug-in. Have tried re-scan without luck, and I have reinstalled it, no change. I have made sure that the correct folder is included in the scanning list, and all other RC-plugs in that folder works perfectly well.

Thankful for any advise.

You are sure that the plugins are 64 bit and authorized?

Hi, yes on both, it is 64 bit and I have authorized it via Cakewalk, where it still works (althoug actually it is more heavy on CPU all of a sudden, than it used to be).

Search through forum indicates that people are using Zenology, e.g. this user.

Please double check that plugins are 64-bit and that they are properly picked up by the Plugin Manager (i.e. that VST3/VST locations are set properly so they point to 64-bit plugins).