Yamaha AG06 + GigPerformer + streaming =?

Does anyone use ^ and perhaps has figured out the LOOPBACK option for streaming?


If I switch it to loopback it just squeals/feedbacks. It’s a normal thing in DAWs as they are really not designed to output anything outside but GigPerformer is obviously the opposite of it :slight_smile: so I assume there’s some easy way for it, right?

I can’t be the only one using this interface, can I? Yamaha = super nice, affordable bang for buck

This is basically default setup in case you wonder:

Speaking of which… What interfaces do you guys use for your guitar rigs?

I have figured it out how to do it in Reaper with some 3rd party software but at that time I couldn’t 2+2=? how to connect some footswitch together with it so I could practice/play normally, etc.

I remember thinking that GigPerformer probably has this figured out quite easily being a performance tool 1st./

Basically I wanna stream audio through obs to twitch, etc.

I was doing it with a single sm57 micing a guitar speaker and straight into my yamaha ag06. Then I was just selecting LOOPBACK on the interface and I could mix the sound from my PC and sm57 and stream that as my PC sounds to twitch.

That should be normal as the outputs are seen as inputs.
So all your Audio sent from Gig Performer to the output comes in again in the input => feedback.
This loopback would be fine when you get Audio Signals from external sound sources.

@kevinf may help you with OBS.

I personally didn’t use it, but I know that people are successfully using it with Gig Performer for streaming (an example is this thread).

I think this is a Yamaha tech support question. I don’t know exactly what the Yamaha loopback function loops back from/to. But if you are capturing ONLY the Yamaha device in OBS I suspect that will be a good starting point? In other words if you can accomplish everything you want with ONLY the Yamaha device as your OBS audio source, you should be able to solve that problem without issues. But again I’m not familiar with this Yamaha device nor it’s loopback function. I’d have to understand more about this Yamaha device in particular to figure any more. There isn’t any magic with OBS, you select a link audio capture device and it looks like this Yamaha device appears in OBS as an audio capture source? Sorry I don’t know more at this point. I’d try to solve the problem without the loopback setting and make sure you understand what outputs are routed to what inputs by this loopback setting. First see if you’re getting the result you need in OBS with only the Yamaha device enabled maybe and then see what’s missing. Hope that helps?

Thank you for your fast replies, guys/

Sorry for not being more clear on this. I have no trouble with OBS nor its streaming. I’ve been doing it without much problem but with real amps and guitar speakers miced with sm57.

The problem is that DAWs have their own loopback kind of thing which lets you hear what you play, right?

If I switch Yamaha to:

Dry CH 1-2
LOOPBACK <--------- this

It creates another loopback which works just fine for everything else (with only a flick of a switch on the interface; all the sounds from my PC are loopbacked and I can stream them like you normally do with your miced voice when talk over skype, teams, discord, teamspeak, mumble, etc/) but not in DAWs unfortunately… You need some rerouting and in most cases some 3rd party software to do it without additional latency.

Seeing that GigPerformer is so super flexible I assume it’s probably super easy. The question is if it really is.

I will definitely dig deeper and write to yamaha to see what they come up with.

I am super curious what interfaces people use and how they stream their performance.

I will have some more time soon so I will do my research and share my results, meanwhile maybe some similar sould with Yamaha AG 06 will join us up :slight_smile:

Have a great day/night

Only if you turn them on! GP, for example, does not route any incoming audio to output unless you explicitly configure it to do so.

I don’t do streaming myself but I know quite a few users do it and it’s a question of how you route your channels……one issue with which to be aware is that some audio interfaces often by default route their inputs directly to their outputs internally (which leads some guitar players to complain that they can’t hear the effects processing from Gig Performer until they disable that default routing)

Assuming you have such default routing disabled, you should be able to manage streaming with GP easily.

A possibly tangentially related question: if I run a separate instance of GP (on the same machine) configured to a different audio interface; are there any asterisks I should read there?